Everything you need to know about TFT Set 4: Fates

By Melany Moncada


Sep 5, 2020

Reading time: 3 min

Teamfight Tactics Set 4: Fates is coming to live servers on September 16 with patch 10.19. Here’s everything you need to know about the new TFT set, which includes game-changing mechanics as well as new Little Legends, arena skins, and much more.

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New game mechanics added in TFT: Fates

A new set adds new mechanics to the game, including Chosen, Cultist,  Moonlight, and Warlord.


Chosen units appear in the store and are two-star units that sell for the full cost. For example, a Chosen tier one goes for three gold, and the same principle remains for the rest of the tiers. Chosen units are not only two-stars, these also come with special stats like 200 bonus HP, plus an additional bonus. This bonus could be either 500 HP, 35% spell power, 50 AD, or 25% reduced mana cost.

Players can have only Chosen at once, so picking the right unit is a strategic choice. If a player sells its Chosen unit, new Chosen units will begin to appear in the store.


Cultist are the first champions to not get any type of bonus from this trait. Instead, Cultist summon and give power to Demon Lord Galio. The higher the level, the strongest Galio gets. At nine Ocultist, Supreme Overlord Galio gets over 7,000 HP and 600 AD. Galio is a reliable front line with a massive AOE stun that is a real difference-maker in the late game.

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Moonlight is a three-piece set with one-cost and two-cost units, so it’s easy to complete early. Moonlight units upgrade the lowest star level at the beginning of the battle. Players can achieve three-star units early and for the first time ever, it might be possible to get a four-star champion in TFT.


Warlord units stack power throughout the entire match whether the trait is active or not. Warlords get bonus stats from each victory in battle. Units get additional HP and Spell Power, and this trait stacks up to five times. At nine Warlords, each unit gets 600 HP and 50 SP, they can get up to 400 bonus HP and 50 bonus SP.

Most of the classes and origins are new, but some are returning to the game. Assassins, Brawlers, Vanguard, Mages, and Mystics are now coming back. New classes include Adepts, which reduces the attack speed of all enemies, Duelist, units that get additional Attack Speed, and Hunters, which target the lowest health enemy. Find the cheat sheet, here.

TFT: Fates goes to Ionia

Continuing the Spirit Blossom aesthetic, TFT: Fates takes a trip to Ionia. TFT: Fates adds three new special arena skins, and these skins react to the state of the game. If a player wins, the creatures on the skin will celebrate. Simpler Ionia-themed skins will be available through the Fate Pass+.

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The Pass+ sells for 1,295 RP, and players will get new booms, new Ionia-themed Little Legends, and the new Star Shards. The Star Shard system will allow players to upgrade the Little Legend of their choosing so long as they own at least the tier-one version. The Pass+ grants 300 Star Shards, for players that would rather get the shards directly, they can purchase bundles that go for 625 RP.

TFT: Fates is available now in the PBE server. Learn how to get a PBE account here.