The Finals Steal the Spotlight

Everything you need to know about Steal the Spotlight in The Finals

By Olivia Richman


Jan 31, 2024

Reading time: 1 min

The Steal the Spotlight event has taken over The Finals as part of Update 1.6.0.

The Finals is a unique FPS that’s focused on chaos, destruction, and collecting cash. Now, developers have introduced the first event of Season 1: Steal the Spotlight. Here’s everything you need to know.

What is the Steal the Spotlight event?

Steal the Spotlight is a limited-time event that has players competing solo on a dark version of the Las Vegas map.

Every player is left to their own devices in this mode. You’ll be dropped onto the map with a pre-made loadout. From there, you’ll need to sneak around the map and find a safe way to get to the cashout without setting anything off or alerting opponents, avoiding tripwires and turrets.

You’ll need to be the first player to reach 40,000 or have the most cash when the time runs out if you want to win.

Steal the Spotlight contracts and rewards

Steal the Spotlight will be in The Finals until February 14. For the next two weeks, you’ll need to complete certain contracts to win exclusive rewards.

Right now, there are six total rewards you can earn. To get these rewards, you’ll need to complete contracts that require you to do certain actions within the Steal the Spotlight game mode.

Here are the contracts and rewards:

Contract #1: Play 1 round of Steal the Spotlight

  • Reward: Combat Boots

Contract #2: Earn 5,000 cash in Steal the Spotlight

  • Reward: Getaway Duffle

Contract #3: Eliminate 5 opponents with the Lewis Gun

  • Reward: Spotlighter Pants

Contract #4: Eliminate 5 opponents with the SA1216

  • Reward: Wheelspin Gloves

Contract #5: Eliminate 3 opponents using Charge ‘N’ Slam

  • Reward: Spotlighter Garb

Contract #6: Play 12 rounds of Steal the Spotlight

  • Reward: Spotlight Stealer


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