Everything we know about Street Fighter 6

By Kenneth Williams


Mar 19, 2023

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With the release date for Street Fighter 6 fast approaching, here’s everything you need to know about the game.

Street Fighter may be the original fighting game series, but it’s not content to rest on its laurels. Every edition of the game drastically reinvents itself as something new, and Street Fighter 6 is no exception. The game will add a ton of new cast members to the SF roster, and the new drive mechanics will completely change how players brawl. If you’re looking forward to the release date of Street Fighter 6, here’s everything you should know.

Street Fighter 6 release date

The planned release date for Street Fighter 6 is June 2, 2023.

Capcom revealed its release date plans at the 2022 Game Awards, which showed off new gameplay as well as a few new characters. June 2 seems to be a pretty set date, and it is unlikely that the game will be delayed before launch. Fan reception was generally positive during the beta test, and Capcom will certainly support the game for several years after its launch.

Dee Jay Street Fighter 6

June 2 will mark seven years and four months after the release of Street Fighter V, which released to very poor reviews. However, Capcom spent a ton of resources improving the title, and it’s generally considered a decent entry in the series. It seems the company learned a lot from that rough launch, as SF6 has shown off a lot more content and characters before its release. 

How many characters are in Street Fighter 6?

18 characters are confirmed for the Street Fighter 6 roster, though that number is likely to balloon with the addition of multiple DLC seasons.

Assuming that Cammy, Lily, and Zangief are the final reveals before the game’s launch, Street Fighter 6 will have a decently-sized roster of new and returning characters when it comes out in June of 2023. Street Fighter V had 16 options, while IV started out with 17. Older games had even fewer characters, making 18 a very respectable starting point.

Street Fighter 6

However, Capcom is extremely likely to add dozens of other characters to the roster as the game matures. Street Fighter V got a total of 30 new fighters added over the years, nearly tripling its original cast. Street Fighter 6 will probably get new characters added every couple of months. They will likely be distributed through a season pass, though how many years of support it’ll get is still unknown.

Will the game have crossplay?

Street Fighter 6 will have crossplay between all major platforms at launch, which is a massive deal for the game’s extended lifespan. 

SF6 will be available on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC at launch, and the title will feature online crossplay between all three major platforms. The feature was already available during the first beta test, and players can even turn it off if they want to match exclusively on their own platform. Crossplay can sometimes cause issues with lag and input delay in Street Fighter V, though Capcom likely put more effort into the feature for its next flagship fighter.


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