Andor Season 2

Everything we know about Andor Season 2

By Nicholas James


May 14, 2023

Reading time: 4 min

Andor was the Star Wars show that nobody asked for, and yet it became one of the best pieces of Star Wars media ever. Now, fans are anxiously awaiting Andor Season 2.

Andor’s first season has concluded and is available to be watched on Disney Plus. Andor follows the origin story of Rogue One protagonist Cassian Andor on his journey from selfish smuggler to hardened rebel. It’s not a concept that had many Star Wars fans excited, and yet it’s become critically acclaimed. Fans of the series are waiting with bated breath to see where the second season is.

Here are all the details currently known about Andor Season 2.

When will Andor Season 2 release?

There is no currently announced release date for Andor Season Two. It’s currently being written by the Andor writing team, led by lead writer and head creative behind Andor, Tony Gilroy.

Andor Season 2 will bridge the gap between the end of the first season and Cassian’s appearance in Rogue One. It will be 12 episodes long, mirroring the first season. Lead creative Tony Gilroy has said on numerous occasions that he always intended Andor to be two seasons long.

Currently, the release date is planned for August 2024, though that could be subject to change. Production will run this year and post-production will begin late 2023 and run into 2024.

Who is writing Andor Season 2?

Andor Season 2 will be partially written by Tony Gilroy and additional writing staff. However, at the time of writing the Writer’s Guild of America has begun a strike and Gilroy is one of many TV writers demanding better working conditions and wages.

Gilroy has said in other interviews that with the strike looming, Andor Season Two episode three would be the last Andor episode he wrote. It’s unclear if that means that other members of the writing staff are taking episodes 4-12 or if Disney plans to replace the writing team with non-WGA members.

Currently Andor Season two has begun production despite the WGA strikes. In a memo from Disney acquired by the Hollywood Reporter, Disney said that the WGA strike did not excuse showrunners from performing showrunner and producer duties on their series.

How long will Season 2 be?

Andor season two will be 12 episodes long, just like the first season. The 12 episodes will be divided into four three-episode chunks, each covering a year of time between the end of Andor and the beginning of Rogue One.

Episodes 10 to 12 will cover the three days immediately preceding Rogue One. After that, Andor will be done. Lead actor Diego Luna has said he wants to finish the series before he gets too old to convincingly play the Cassian Andor fans met in Rogue One.

What will Season 2 be about?

Season 2 will bridge the narrative gap between Andor properly joining the rebellion at the end of season one and his introduction in Rogue One. Lots needs to happen for Cassian Andor to end up where we see him in the beginning of Rogue One. There are hints at what season two might be about in where season one leaves off, but nothing has been confirmed.

The second season promises to be a bit more willing to jump around than the first. The second season has to span four entire years of Cassian Andor’s life ahead of Rogue One.

What does Andor Season 2 begin production?

Andor has already begun production on its second season, first beginning to shoot in November 2022. However, with the ongoing Writer’s Guild of America strikes, some disruptions to production have still been made. While none of the Andor writing staff will be working as writers, production is still continuing.

Lead writer and head creative Tony Gilroy will eschew writing duties for production and showrunning duties, which are unaffected by the WGA strike. So the second season is already in production and looks to continue that way during the WGA strikes.

Andor production appears to be unaffected by the WGA strikes, and is heading full steam ahead despite members of its writing team being on strike due to unfair working conditions.

Is Andor worth watching?

Andor has been praised as one of the best pieces of Star Wars media in recent memory. Despite being the origin story for a character who had only appeared in one spinoff movie, it felt more Star Wars to many fans than any of the sequels. Gritty, excellently written, and filled with new exciting moments for Star Wars fans, Andor shattered expectations.

Despite initially low expectations, Andor has been a critical success, hailed as one of the best Disney Plus Star Wars shows available. If you’re looking for a dose of gritty, mature, well-written Star Wars material, look no further than Tony Gilroy’s excellent first season.