Everything included in God of War Ragnarok’s $260 Jotnar Edition

By Kenneth Williams


Nov 12, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

God of War Ragnarok Jotnar Edition is the ultimate way to experience the next chapter of Kratos and Atreus’ saga, but it doesn’t come cheap.

Clocking in at a beefy $260, Jotnar Edition is the most premium bundle available for God of War Ragnarok. The collecter’s box includes tons of exclusive merchandise with the biggest standout being a 16-inch replica of Thor’s hammer Mjollnir. Here’s everything included in Jotnar Edition and the other, considerably less expensive ways to experience the adventure.

All the swag included in God of War Ragnarok Jotnar Edition

The $260 God of War Jotnar Edition includes all of the following contents.

  • 16-inch replica of Mjollnir
  • Brok’s dice set
  • Falcon, bear, and wolf pin set
  • Knowledge Keeper’s Shrine storage box
  • Replica Draupnir ring
  • Steelbook display case
  • Vanir twins carvings
  • Vinyl record of music by Bear McCreary
  • Yggdrasil cloth map
God of War Ragnarok Jotnar edition contents

In addition to all of these physical goods, the Jotnar Edition of God of War Ragnarok also comes with some in-game goodies. 

  • Avatar set
  • Darkdale armor, axe grip, and blade handles for Kratos
  • Darkdale attire for Atreus
  • Digital artbook
  • God of War Ragnarok
  • Official digital soundtrack
  • Risen Snow armor for Kratos
  • Risen Snow tunic for Atreus

For God of War Ragnarok fans who can go without the vinyl records and replica hammers, the base game is available for $70 on PlayStation 5 and $60 for PlayStation 4. The newer console also has a digital deluxe edition that includes most of the digital assets for $80. A $200 collector’s edition includes many of the Jotnar feelies including Mjollnir and the steelbook display case.

Unfortunately for God of War fans, the premium editions of the game are very difficult to buy online. Some retailers like GameStop or Walmart have gotten small quantities of the collector’s version, but the Jotnar package is entirely sold out online. Santa Monica could announce a second run closer to Black Friday, but for now, the only way to get the fanciest version of God of War Ragnarok is through the pricey resale market.


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