The 3 best VR systems to buy on Black Friday

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Black Friday will be the best time of the year to buy a new VR system, and these three options stand out from the crowd.

A video game console is one of the most popular Christmas gifts for kids, but VR systems are quickly gaining popularity. Advances in technology have slashed the price of full-room VR down enough that average people can jump into virtual reality for just a few hundred bucks. If you plan to surprise a loved one with a whole new world this Christmas, here are the three best VR headsets to pick up on Black Friday.

Quest 2 VR doesn’t require a beefy gaming computer

For the gamer interested in VR but unable to afford a massive gaming computer, the Quest 2 is a godsend. The all-in-one system doesn’t require any computer to function. While not as technologically advanced as some of its competitors, the Quest 2 still boasts an 89-degree field of view with 1,832 x 1,920 resolution on each eye. The result is a straightforward VR set that costs less than $400 brand new.

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The Meta store is the only place to purchase a Quest 2 directly from the manufacturer. The $400 model comes with the Quest 2 headset, two controllers, the necessary cables, and 128 gigabytes of onboard storage. It also comes with a free copy of Beat Saber, one of the most popular VR games. Just remember that some PC-only VR titles aren’t available on the Quest, though it has its own exclusives to compensate.

Valve Index is a premium VR set for Black Friday

Valve was the first company to release a full-room VR system to the public with the Vive, and the Index has succeeded it as the gold standard for virtual reality headsets. The major drawback is that it requires a powerful gaming computer to work, but the result is the absolute best visuals, controls, and game library of any consumer-ready VR system.

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The Valve Index is currently available from the Steam store for a total price of $999. That bundle includes the Index headset, two Knuckles controllers, and a pair of tracking lighthouses. If you don’t plan to mount them on a wall, a pair of collapsible stands work as an alternative. Valve’s own Steam store will be the only place to buy an Index VR system on Black Friday.

Labo turns a Nintendo Switch into a budget VR headset

When it comes to VR, most kids don’t care about high-resolution lenses or expanded fields of view. They care about jumping into exciting and immersive experiences that are completely different from the standard gaming fare. The Nintendo Labo does exactly that by piggybacking off an already successful console, and it’s also the absolute cheapest way to get into VR for families that already own a Switch.

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The Nintendo Labo system can cost as little as just $100 to convert the Switch into a VR headset. The full package with every accessory can reach into the mid $200 range, which is less than 10% of the price of an Index with a suitable gaming computer. Labo VR kits are available at multiple retailers including Target, Walmart, and GameStop. If they sell Nintendo Switches, they will likely have Labo kits for sale.


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