Every Honkai: Star Rail path explained

By Melany Moncada


May 5, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Each character in Honkai: Star Rail has a different path, and while each path has an interesting name, the meaning behind it is simpler than you expect.

In Honkai: Star Rail, characters have two main traits that identify them, the element and path. There are seven paths in total, and each character has one by default. The only exception is the Trailblazer, who can change paths as you advance through the game.

In the simplest of terms, the path is just a special name for different character classes.

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What does each path mean in Honkai: Star Rail?

Thinking about the path as character classes, it is easier to understand and remember what it means.

The Hunt

The Hunt are the damage dealers of the game and correspond to the Aeon Lan. Characters in this path are remarkable single-target damage dealers. There are four characters in The Hunt path, Dan Heng, Seele, Sushang, and Yanqing.

The Destruction

The Destruction are the bruisers — tank characters that can deal significant damage. This path corresponds to the Aeon Nanook. They are stronger when they are fighting on their own. There are three characters on this path, Arlan, Clara, and Hook.

The Erudition

Characters in The Erudition path deal multi-target AoE damage. This path corresponds to the Aeon Nous. There are four characters in this path, Herta, Himeko, Qingque, and Serval.

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The Harmony

The Harmony are the buffers in the game, these are characters that apply some kind of buff and boost up the allies. This path corresponds to the Aeon Xipe. The characters in this path are Asta, Bronya, and Tingyun.

The Nihility

On the opposite side of the spectrum are the debuffers from The Nihility, who correspond to the Aeon IX. These characters reduce the enemy’s battle power, weakening them. There are three characters in the path, Pela, Sampo, and Welt. Two characters will be added to this path in the future, Silver Wolf and Kafka.

The Preservation

The Preservation could be considered the tanks in the game. They have defensive capabilities that can be shared with their allies, like shields. There are two characters available in this category, Gepard, and March 7th. Another character will be added at a later date, Fu Xuan.

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The Abundance

The Abundance is perhaps one of the most necessary paths in the game, they are the healers. These characters can heal and revive allies, a skill that could be the difference between completing a mission or failing. There are only two characters in The Abundance path, Bailu, and Natasha. Loucha will be added in future versions of the game.