EUW server hits new milestone in LoL ranked server populations

By Marta Juras


Oct 30, 2019

Reading time: 2 min

League of Legends is the most popular PC game in the world with around eight million concurrent players. Most of that playerbase comes from China, followed by Europe, Korea, and North America.

Over 29 servers set in China through different internet service providers are home to over 120 million League accounts, and while it’s unclear how many of those accounts are ranked, it’s safe to say that Chinese servers are where most of League’s ranked players are located.

Exact information regarding how many Chinese accounts are ranked and active isn’t available, as it isn’t Riot themselves who offer servers for League in China. However, from the established player growth metrics, it can be approximated that there may be between 15 and 25 million ranked players. Even at the low end, this would be several times the next highest number among other regions.

EUW hits over three million ranked accounts in LoL

According to, the highest population of ranked players after China is found in Europe, with both European servers combined having over 4.5 million ranked accounts. In fact, EUW has just recently surpassed the three million ranked accounts mark, while the smaller portion of European ranked players comes from the EUNE server.

European servers are followed by Korea, where there are almost 3.8 million ranked players on just one server. North America lags behind with a slightly higher number than EUNE, as the NA server counts 1.7 million ranked accounts.

Brazilian and Latin American servers count over two million ranked players

South America has a couple million ranked players as well. The Brazilian server counts 1.4 million, while the other two Latin America servers combined have a bit less at around 1.3 million; 870,900 players from the North, and 650,500 from the South.

BR and LA are followed by the remaining six servers sprread across the world, with Turkey counting 870,900 ranked players, Russian and Oceaniac servers a bit over 200,000, and Japan with the lowest of under 120,000 ranked players.

The fact that Japanese servers have by far the lowest ranked population in League isn’t a surprise since their server is the newest, as Riot released it only in 2016.

These numbers, from China, Korea, and Europe having the biggest servers to regions like Japan and Oceania having the smallest, might also help to account for trends in competitive results at the top levels of League of Legends. The most populated servers tend to produce the best players and, as a result, the best teams.