Enemies won’t be able to spot these OP Cypher Spycam lineups on Haven

By Fariha Bhatti


Jul 25, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Tackling enemies on Haven isn’t an easy feat. The large map can be a menace but not when you have Cypher’s lineups memorized. 

The Morrocan spy Cypher may not deal a lot of damage but he can help his deadly teammates garner kills and keep enemies at bay. Newly discovered lineups on Haven prove that Cypher is instrumental in winning a game on the extensive map. 

Like all unique Valorant maps, Haven sets itself apart with a triple bomb point design. The vast location is divided into three Spike spots, which can be pretty hard to tackle for Defenders. However, it’s a fun playground for attackers with three options to plant the Spike since rotating quickly on Haven is a tall order. But with these lineups for Cypher’s camera, Defenders can quickly retake a site. 

For A site, you need to hop on the window’s ledge and jump a few times before precisely attaching the camera to the desired spot. Use your HUD to align your crosshair with the perfect angle. This may require a lot of practice and tons of fall damage, so make sure you spend some time in a private server before hitting the field. 

Blog post image

You can view the entire site, bomb locations, A short, A long, from this angle. Any Cypher main can play a pivotal role on this map and scout two areas at once by using this lineup. If you are a teammate who communicates, your team will surely benefit from this camera. 
For the C site, jump on top of the first Radianite box and attach the camera on the left side of the wall, as shown in the image. This may also require jumping a few times before the red camera turns blue, meaning you have found the perfect spot. However, with practice, you’ll be able to pull it off on the first try. 

Blog post image

While this camera lineup doesn’t provide a peek into A long, it’s perfect to scout the Spike point. This lineup is helpful due to the hidden angle that enemies won’t be able to spot, making it a reusable setup. You can choose to leave point C empty with one agent fielding the middle window with the help of this lineup. 

Is Cypher good on Haven? 

Cypher is one of the best agents to pick on Haven, alongside Killjoy. Both the agents are viable on this large map that requires someone to watch flanks and cut down the enemy’s advances. 


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