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Embracing esports and competitive gaming

By William Davis


Jul 15, 2023

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The world we live in today is continuously advancing and has been doing so for many years. The technological advancements made in the past few years would have been unimaginable 50 years ago. With all of these new advancements and technologies, many new opportunities arise, and industries skyrocket in a concise amount of time.

Esports has relatively recently skyrocketed that way. Games used to be something people enjoyed as a pastime or hobby, but nowadays, gaming is a real job for millions.

Like esports, iGaming has also started evolving around the same time, with many online gaming sites or comparison sites like emerging daily. 

Rise of esports

The rise of esports has been very fast and explosive, and has turned it into a multi-billion dollar industry in just a couple of years. Many tournaments are hosted yearly, where hundreds of people compete in various video games, and there are huge cash prizes for the winners and top players. 

Naturally, these cash prizes are attractive to people, which in turn means that the esports popularity rises, and so does the industry’s value.. 

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iGaming and eSports

iGaming has existed for a while but has evolved massively since its introduction. Like esports, it grew in popularity and is now a vast industry. It’s easy to see why iGaming has become popular. With the digitization of everything and people having less free time, iGaming proved to be a convenient and fun way to relax and have fun, potentially making some money. 

It brings people the excitement and enjoyment of a real casino from the comfort of their homes. Naturally, when casinos went digital, so did sports betting, and it became popular for the very same reasons that online casinos became popular; it’s simply more convenient and enjoyable.

Since esports became a thing, a new way of sports betting was introduced, betting on esports tournaments. Integrating eSports into iGaming has proved to be very profitable for both industries.

Naturally, with all new advancements, there are also challenges. The main challenge for esports betting is regulations. While it’s legal in many places, some countries still don’t allow it or it’s regulated. But, many have already set the wheels in motion for the legalization of esports betting.

Technological advancements and new opportunities

Changes and advancements bring new opportunities, and the same goes for changes in the iGaming and esports worlds. Esports keeps growing, with more esports titles getting released, more tournaments, and a growing fan base.

The online gambling industry is a great example of how an industry adapts and evolves with the times. New technologies are introduced, and the ones that are compatible with iGaming are quickly integrated into that world. For example, blockchain technology was introduced fairly recently but has become crucial to many technological advancements. The iGaming industry saw this opportunity, quickly brought this technology, and incorporated it into their payment methods.

The exciting thing about this connection between iGaming and esports is that no matter which industry out of the two of them brings in new technology, it will be beneficial for both. Things like virtual reality and the metaverse are also very exciting because they bring a new way to play video games or gamble online with a completely different and new experience.


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