Element Mystic to join the LCK in the upcoming 2020 season

By Marta Juras


Dec 1, 2019

Reading time: 2 min

South Korean esports organization Element Mystic, with teams in Overwatch and Playerunknown Battlegrounds is looking to buy a slot in the Korean League of Legends scene, sources shared with Haloofthoughts.

Element Mystic is the home of the best Overwatch Contenders team in Korea. The team has taken first place at three Overwatch Contenders tournaments this year, including Korea Season 1, Pacific Showdown, and The Gauntlet, and has placed second at the other two.

The organization reportedly now wants to expand to League of Legends, the country’s most popular esports title, and is looking to buy a spot in the 2020 Challengers Korea, or even in the 2020 LCK.

Element Mystic might get Griffin’s LCK spot

The news of Element Mystic scouting for an LCK spot comes soon after Riot Games’ Korean office announced Griffin might be removed from the league. A number of scandals surfaced around Griffin this season, from former coach Kim “cvMax” Dae-ho sharing with the public how mistreated he was by the management, to unfair contracts with pro players and illicit trades.

Still8, the organization that owns Griffin, apologized to the players and the public, and soon after nullified all of the ongoing player contracts. All of the players then announced free agency as they weren’t interested in continuing with Griffin.

However, if Griffin as a brand wishes to continue to compete in the LCK, Still8 needs to do a lot more. Riot requested Still8’s management to go through a complete overhaul before the start of the 2020 LCK season, and if all of the old management isn’t gone by then, Griffin is out. The organization hasn’t made any of the required moves so far, so it seems Griffin’s spot will be up for grabs.

This is where Element Mystic could potentially jump in.

Can Element Mystic’s Overwatch success transfer to League of Legends?

Element Mystic has proven itself when it comes to Overwatch. The team has had consistent success ever since its creation in 2017, becoming the region’s best just two seasons after getting started. League of Legends is, however, an entirely different environment.

Experience in one game doesn’t necessarily mean the organization can translate it to a different one. There are different league structures, different communities, and League of Legends has a lot more money rolling around in it. Whether Element Mystic will be an LCK team in the upcoming season remains to be seen.