Elden Ring’s Shadow of Edtree DLC teased with haunting image

By Fariha Bhatti


Feb 28, 2023

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After a whole year, Elden Ring is getting an expansion, and fans are delighted. The Shadow of Eldtree DLC will likely double down on the blonde and cursed Miquella. 

Elden Ring’s release in 2022 rocked the gaming industry. Critics, fans, and everyone in between was impressed. The larger-than-life dark fantasy won many accolades and hearts, carrying its legacy into 2023. Since the release, FromSoftware has refrained from any significant DLC so players can fully absorb the magical content. But it’s time. Elden Ring is ready for an expansion. 

According to a short blog post, Elden Ring is getting a Shadow of the Edtree DLC for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and Steam. The exact release date is unknown. 

What is Shadow of the Edtree about in Elden Ring? 

The developer shared a visually pleasant yet cryptic image featuring a mysterious figure on Elden Ring’s socials. Fans speculate that it’s Miquella riding a mount through the fields. Muddy clouds crowd the sky, and there’s an Erdtree far away, bleeding lava. 

Blog post image

Now, if you try dissecting, there are many theories about what the DLC could be. But, for now, the developer is tight-lipped. However, the DLC will likely expand on Miquella’s unfinished storyline in Elden Ring. The character in the image appears to be Miquella, with a youthful appearance and blonde hair. 

In Elden Ring, Miquella and his twin sister Malenia were born cursed, with Miquella having the body of a perpetually young child while Malenia had rotted in her body. Miquella was chosen as a candidate to succeed Queen Marika as a new god but abandoned fundamentalism to create Unalloyed Gold to treat Malenia’s rot. He embedded himself into the Haligtree, hoping to achieve true godhood but was abducted by his half-brother Mohg before completing the process.

All the hints in the teaser point to the continuation of Miquella’s story in Elden Ring. The DLC could also be a prequel, as it appears from the clear Lands Between. But it’s all speculation, and nothing can be said for sure until the developer rolls out at least a few more teasers. 

Whatever the case, Elden Ring fans are excited to play something new and refresh the hype of 2022. 


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