Elden Ring publisher hit with ransomware attack, will it ruin DLC?

By Kenneth Williams


Jul 11, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Elden Ring and Dragon Ball fans may have to wait longer for new content as a ransomware attack hits a major games publisher.

Elden Ring, Dragon Ball, and Gundam publisher Bandai Namco appears to have been attacked by ransomware hackers who may leak important information. The news comes from hacking news sources and does not definitely confirm that the attack is taking place. This attack could slow progress on publishing new video game titles. Alternatively, it could result in fans learning about upcoming projects in the least exciting way.

According to malware tracking account vx-underground, Bandai Namco was targeted by a group known as either ALPHV or BlackCat. The digital gang claims to have illegally acquired information from more than 60 organizations including the high-profile Colonial Pipeline hack of 2021.

Will Bandai Namco ransomware attack affect Elden Ring DLC?

While the ransomware attack affecting Bandai Namco could affect the publishing for multiple games, Elden Ring DLC shouldn’t be affected much.

While the hack may have a negative impact on Bandai Namco’s future publishing efforts, downloadable content for Elden Ring shouldn’t be affected too much. Bandai Namco only publishes Elden Ring and does not create in-game content. Actual developer FromSoftware works independently from Bandai Namco and should be unaffected.

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However, the information leaked from Bandai Namco may include details on Elden Ring DLC and future FromSoftware project. The same is true for the company’s other big gaming franchises including Dragon Ball, Dark Souls, JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure, Gundam, Digimon, Klonoa, and many more.

If Bandai Namco is unable to resolve the issue, information about upcoming releases may be revealed to the public. While possibly exciting for some gamers, publishers work very hard to create exciting and polished reveals. Bandai Namco falling victim to a ransomware attack is terrible news for fans Elden Ring, Gundam, and many more.


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