Elden Ring legend Let Me Solo Her is now a summon in a mod

By Nicholas James


Apr 20, 2022

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A mysterious player named Let Me Solo Her has captured the Elden Ring fandom’s attention, and now you can play alongside them.

One fan’s account of a heroic cooperator went viral after they explained how a naked Tarnished with two katanas defeated the game’s most difficult boss, Malenia, Hand of Miquella. This mysterious hero named Let Me Solo Her quickly became a legend in the community for aiding players to beat the game’s hardest enemy all on their own.

A flood of homages came in for the player. There’s already an abundance of fan art but now there is also a mod that lets players live out the dream of playing with the legend.

Who is Let Me Solo Her?

Let Me Solo Her is an Elden Ring player who has made it their purpose to help other players defeat Malenia.

Malenia is the secret post-endgame boss found beyond the Consecrated Snowfield at the base of Miquella’s Haligtree. She’s widely considered to be the most difficult boss in the game. She has constant healing and fast strikes, and her signature Waterfowl Dance weapon art that sends her flying after assailants in a flurry of blows.

Let Me Solo Her has made it his goal to get as many players past her as possible by offering himself as a summonable cooperator. His tarnished wears no clothes except a Warrior Jar upon his head and a katana in each hand. This sort of multiplayer phenomenon is exactly what folk legends are made of in FromSoftware games.

PC players can look for Let Me Solo Her outside Malenia’s boss arena. But for those that can’t find them, a new mod adds them as a spirit summon.

How to summon Let Me Solo Her with a mod

Fans have decided that fighting alongside this goofy jar-headed god slayer shouldn’t be limited to the Malenia fight, so they’ve decided to reincarnate the Let Me Solo Her build as a summonable spirit. An Elden Ring modder named Garden of Eyes has made a summon that’s a perfect copy of Let Me Solo Her’s build. Let Me Solo Her is level 179 wielding a Rivers of Blood Katana in one hand and a Frost Katana with Hoarfrost Stomp in the other.

The mod is available from Garden of Eyes’ Patreon for as little as $3 a month.


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