EA addresses Apex Legends bug that bans innocent players

By Olivia Richman


May 12, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

EA has swiftly addressed an Apex Legends issue that left countless innocent players banned from the game, seemingly at random. 

Apex Legends’ moderation team created a thread on Reddit to organize the countless complaints from fans that were getting suddenly banned from the popular battle royale. Hundreds of players shared their story on the thread, with some saying they were banned mid-game while others were met with the alert after logging in.

Some players also pointed out an even bigger issue. When they contacted support about the ban, they received a reply that stated no ban was on the account from the developer’s end. 

As the chaos continued throughout the morning, the EA Help Twitter account finally addressed the issue. According to the tweet, the Apex Legends team has been investigating this concerning bug. A couple of hours later, EA Help announced that the login issues were “resolved.” Any player left with questions or concerns was directed to an EA Help blog post on account suspensions. 

It’s still unclear what led so many accounts to be suddenly banned without warning or apparent reason. While these sorts of bugs happen sometimes under specific circumstances, it seemed as though anything could trigger a ban. There were also questions as to whether it was even tied to in-game action, as players could seemingly receive bans while offline. 

Ever since Apex Legends launched Season 9: Legacy on May 4, there have been a wide variety of issues with the game. This includes some players not being able to open Apex Legends at all and others only having the starting legend roster and default skins. Bugs and glitches are common after every update in most major titles, but this one rocked Apex Legends. Respawn Entertainment has been rolling out frequent hotfixes for each issue, including the ban bug.