DWG Kia’s Khan says retirement possible after 2021 LCK season

By Christian Vejvad


Feb 21, 2021

Reading time: 3 min

One of the greatest players in South Korea might be retiring after the 2021 season, as DWG KIA top laner Kim “Khan” Dong-ha stated that he will soon be forced to join the military. 

In a recent interview with the South Korean site Naver, Khan talked about how he might be forced to join the military by the end of the year. If this is the case, Khan would be effectively forced into retirement from professional play to serve his mandatory military service, similar to many other South Korean players before him. Unlike other retired LCK players, Khan would be ending his career surprisingly early and may shelf his mouse and keyboard before showing his full potential as a player. 

Having Khan potentially retire by the end of the year comes as a surprise to many. Despite being 25 years old Khan still has a lot in him, especially after joining the defending world champions DWG KIA. After a shaky career with a lot of roster swaps, Khan has finally returned to South Korea and is given the chance to play alongside the best players in the world. 

The mission of DWG KIA is to defend the Summoner’s Cup and win back-to-back world championships. DWG KIA is already on the right path to defend the LCK title and is looking like the strongest team in the LCK today. 

Khan potentially playing his last season would be a loss for the League of Legends scene, but might inject Khan with an even bigger hunger to win. Last season he tried to help a different organization, FunPlus Phoenix, bring home back-to-back titles to no avail. His chances of doing so with DWG KIA seem high. 

DWG KIA is currently sitting at the top of the LCK with a 9-1 record and is on track to win another split. With great teammates around him, Khan is starting to bloom on DWG KIA and looks like his old self. On DWG KIA, there is room for Khan to play his aggressive style while being a team player if needed. Khan has played a variety of champions in 2021 so far, with everything from being on tank duty with Sion or Ornn, to carrying on Fizz and Akali. The variety of champions indicates that Khan and DWG KIA are a great fit and that there is a lot of potential to succeed. 

For now, Khan will keep fighting for the rest of the season. 

Who is Khan in LoL? 

Khan is a 25-year-old top laner from South Korea. Khan has played professionally since 2013 where he joined Prime Optimus. After his time with Prime Optimus, Khan went to China to play in the Academy scene for a couple of years. In 2017, Khan finally got the chance to play on the big stage as he joined Longzhu Gaming. After joining, Khan quickly made a name for himself as one of the most mechanically skilled top laners in the world. Since then, Khan has played for Kingzone DragonX, T1, and FunPlus Phoenix. He currently plays for DWG Kia.

What team does Khan play for? 

Khan currently plays for DWG KIA, joining the squad ahead of the 2021 season. DWG KIA picked up Khan shortly after winning the 2020 World Championship, as its former top laner Jang “Nuguri” Ha-gwon went to China to play for Khan’s old team, FunPlus Phoenix.