Dreamlight Valley Twitch drops are live, here’s how to claim

By Kenneth Williams


Apr 10, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

The first batch of Twitch drops will add a colorful gamer vibe to your Dreamlight Valley getaway.

Dreamlight Valley is Disney’s answer to Animal Crossing, a colorful life sim that takes full advantage of the media giant’s innumerable IPs. The game’s launch immediately catapulted it into a household name for casual gamers, but Disney isn’t shying away from streaming fans either. Twitch watchers can now claim exclusive drops for Dreamlight Valley, so here’s how to claim the exclusive rewards for your personal Disney paradise.

The first step to claiming drops is to link your Dreamlight Valley account to your Twitch account. This is done from the official Dreamlight Valley website. Clicking on the prompt will lead to another page to confirm the link. You can only connect one account from each service to the other, so keep that in mind if you have multiple of either. 

Disney's Dreamlight Valley

Once the accounts are connected, all that’s left is to watch Dreamlight Valley streamers who are eligible to give out drops. These streamers usually advertise themselves as such, and it’s easy to find participating hosts. The loot is given out in time-locked increments, with all four goodies available after 2 hours and 30 minutes of watch time.

Feel free to watch intensely or just leave a tab open to claim the first batch of free gamer swag.

What’s in the Twitch drops for Disney’s Dreamlight Valley?

The first four Twitch drops for Dreamlight Valley are gamer-themed apparel and furniture for your character and home.

After 15 minutes, fans earn a pair of Mickey Mouse ears with an RGB outline. They’re not quite cat ears, but the rainbow glow still gives off a gamer vibe. Then 45 minutes of watch time earns players a matching RGB gaming chair. Once acquired, players can equip the clothes and place the furniture in-game.

Disney's Dreamlight Valley Twitch drops

Watching for an additional 45 minutes earns a gamer laptop, which continues the RGB theme with a light-up keyboard. Finally, tuning in for the whole 2 hours and 30 minutes rewards a snazzy black gamer hoodie with glowing drawstrings and stitching.