DreamHack to host $500,000 Fortnite community tournaments

Olivia Richman • September 28, 19:04

Missing Fortnite solos action? 

DreamHack will be hosting two Fortnite community tournaments with a combined prize pool of $500,000. The money will be evenly split between DreamHack Winter in Jönköping, Sweden, which takes place from November 29 to December 1, and DreamHack Anaheim, which will go down in Anaheim, California from February 21 to 23. 

DreamHack Winter BYOC tickets going fast


Neither tournament will have qualifiers. Instead, Fortnite players who want to participate will be guaranteed a slot if they purchase a “bring your own computer” ticket. According to the DreamHack website, a BYOC ticket grants competitors a seat and table at their chosen location’s LAN, a LAN connection, and access to all open tournaments and activities at the festival. 

According to the DreamHack Winter ticket page, BYOC 20+ Premium tickets are already sold out. Participants over 20 years old who want to participate can still purchase a standard BYOC 20+ ticket for 1,650 SEK, approximately $168. Premium tickets also include merch, food, and a padded chair.

Participants under 20 years old can still purchase a premium ticket. Premium sales close on October 20.

DreamHack’s community Fortnite tournament format still unknown


In spite of Epic Games’ newfound focus on squads in their upcoming tournaments, DreamHack’s community events will focus on solos. Unfortunately, there are no other details available regarding the tournament format. So far, the only rules are that participants must be present at their event and over 13 years old. 

As of publishing, no professional players or famous streamers have announced that they will be attending the event, competing, or making an appearance. 

DreamHack is calling the event a three-day “gaming lifestyle festival.” Aside from the BYOC Fortnite LAN tournament there will also be the activities related to cosplay and tabletop gaming, as well as the DreamHack Open Winter Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament.


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