DragonX in controversy after leaking scrim results versus Griffin

Melany Moncav • February 18, 2020 12:44 am

DragonX issued a formal apology after accidentally leaking its scrim against Griffin.

On Monday, DragonX posted an apology on Twitter. According to the statement, the team accidentally streamed a scrim against Griffin on YouTube. The team clarified that this is their preferred method for reviews. The scrims are unlisted on YouTube and can only be accessed by the people in the organization that have the link.

The scrim against Griffin was posted as public by accident. It took the team three hours before they realized what happened. The footage was posted on the personal channel of one of the coaching staff members.

DragonX asked everyone who was in possession of the footage to please delete it and avoid posting it online.

War between cvMax and Griffin continues

If it was an incident between any other teams, the community would discard it as an unlucky situation. Considering who is involved in the incident, it’s impossible not to question the entire situation.

In 2019, head coach Kim “cvMax” Dae-ho was fired from Griffin weeks before the team’s first appearance at the World Championship. While the organization said it was a mutual decision, cvMax said on his personal stream that he was fired and didn’t have any saying in the situation.

The situation between Griffin and cvMax worsened as the days progressed. The coach accused the team of neglect towards its players, abusive behavior, and contracts comparable to slavery. Riot Games launched an investigation and determined that both cvMax and Griffin were at fault.

cvMax was provisionally suspended as new allegations of physical abuse surfaced. Riot Games was forced to lift the suspension however, and cvMax was to join DragonX. The situation didn’t stop there, as Griffin’s top laner Choi “Sword” Sung-won announced that he would seek legal action against cvMax.

The dispute between cvMax and Griffin cooled off once the season started. Now with this accidental leak, some fans believe that this is just another one of cvMax’s tricks to hurt his former team. There is no proof to back this claims.

It looks more like an unlucky incident that might end up hurting Griffin. The team is currently in seventh place and struggling to find the wins in the LCK. DragonX stands undefeated in the first place.


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