Doublelift returns to TSM as content creator and streamer

By Steven Rondina


Mar 11, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng is back in action. Sort of.

The League of Legends star is returning to TSM, but not to compete in the 2021 LCS. Instead, he has signed a deal with his former organization to represent TSM as a streamer and content creator on a full-time basis. The news was revealed with a video published by TSM.

Doublelift retired from competitive LoL alongside Søren “Bjergsen” Bjerg following the 2020 World Championship, where TSM suffered a disastrous elimination after going 0-6 in the group stage. Despite that, Doublelift remains one of North America’s most popular pro players and is one of the region’s most decorated talents.

Doubleiift began competing professionally in 2011 for Counter Logic Gaming and made his way to Team SoloMid in 2015. He spent two years with the team and was a part of the 2016 TSM roster that is held up as one of the finest in North American history. 

He left the organization to join Team Liquid in 2017 and enjoyed some of his most successful years with the team during that time, but returned to TSM in 2020 after a controversial divorce with TL. Though his 2020 split with TSM would ultimately be his last, it was still a strong one for Doublelift as he helped the team win the 2020 LCS Summer Split in order to qualify for Worlds.

Though Doublelift split from TSM professionally, he remained close to the team personally through his romantic relationship with TSM CEO Leena Xu. That makes his signing with the team as a streamer less than surprising.

Bjergsen also rejoined TSM following his retirement and currently works with its League of Legends team in a coaching role. Bjergsen is a part-owner in TSM.

How much is Doublelift worth?

Doublelift has earned over $300,000 through prize pool winnings alone in his League of Legends career, but his actual net worth is unknown. Prize pool winnings do not include the salary money he has earned throughout his career, or any extra money made through streaming and personal sponsorships. Most League of Legends professionals, particular those who enjoy the sort of prominence Doublelift had climbed to, make most of their money through contracted salaries. These salaries are not often disclosed, though top player contracts are known to reach into the millions of dollars.


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