Doublelift compares himself to Uzi heading into LCS summer final

Tom Beer • August 21, 21:24

Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng, the star AD carry for North American League of Legends squad Team Liquid, has made some bold comments about his form for the upcoming World Championship and LCS finals.

Team Liquid will face Cloud9 in the final of the 2019 LCS Summer Split. If they win, it will be the fourth consecutive LCS title for Liquid and will cement Team Liquid’s place in history as the first team to achieve four such title wins in a row. 

In comments made in an interview with Travis Gafford, Doublelift first talked about the tense semifinals series against Clutch Gaming which went all the way to its final game.

“It went through our minds that we could lose in game five, but you don’t dwell on that stuff,” Doublelift said.

In game five of the series, Doublelift and support Jo “CoreJJ” Yong-in played Taric and Sona, a bottom lane combination that DoubleLift is not fond of in spite of his success with it.

I wish Riot would nerf it into the ground already so I don’t have to play it anymore,” Doublelift admitted.

Doubelift has had a successful career as one of the most dominant players at his position in the LCS. Despite his successes, DoubleLift revealed surprise that new domestic talent hasn’t yet risen up to dethrone him.

“I’m surprised there is no one better than me in NA right now. It’s slightly depressing you know? I want someone to learn from,” Doublelift said.

Talking about the finals and his own form, Doublelift was confident he would lift the LCS trophy again.

“I’m playing pretty insane, every bot lane matchup me and CoreJJ are playing really well, so I feel like I’m in really good form. I’m pretty confident we can smash everyone,” Doublelift said.

Regarding his opposition at Cloud9, Doublelift remained confident, noting that he couldn’t remember the last time his team had lost a series to the domestic rivals.

The 2019 World Championship is also fast approaching and Doublelift issued a stark warning to all of his opponents in the bot lane.

“I’m in fucking insane form,” Doublelift said. “If I can keep up this form at Worlds I’m gonna be Uzi level.”

If Doublelift can indeed bring the former of legendary Chinese player Jian “Uzi” Zi-Hao, he’ll be hard to stop no matter who lines up against him from across the lane.


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