Rocket League voice chat

Does Rocket League have voice chat? Everything you need to know

By Olivia Richman


Apr 22, 2022

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Rocket League may seem like a silly concept at first with its bright toy cars performing soccer techniques such as dribbling, passing, and scoring. But Rocket League is actually a highly competitive game that requires a lot of communication between teammates. That’s why many Rocket League players wonder: Does Rocket League have voice chat?

Voice chat is very important in games that emphasize teamwork, including Rocket League. It allows for fast-paced communication and better strategy. Teams that don’t use voice chat will be at a disadvantage compared to teams that are actively discussing plays with each other. This makes it all the more confusing that Rocket League appears to have no voice chat options. That’s why it’s all the more important to understand how to properly communicate in Rocket League, no matter the system you’re playing on.

Does Rocket League have voice chat?

Unfortunately, Rocket League doesn’t have voice chat at this time. Developer Psyonix disabled voice chat earlier in 2022 since it was not working as intended. The developer has claimed that it is working on bringing back the important voice chat feature, but it’s not clear when it will return. Fans initially believed it would be brought back for Season 6, but that didn’t happen.

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How do you chat with teammates in Rocket League?

For now, the only method for communication in Rocket League is quick chat. This feature allows players on the same console to communicate short messages to each other. While not as effective as voice chat, it still allows for some talk between players.

While Rocket League is a cross-platform game, in-game chat doesn’t allow players on other consoles to see your messages. This makes communicating with players on different consoles a bit tricky.

Rocket League on PlayStation

If your entire squad is on PlayStation, the best way to communicate is through PlayStation’s Party System. Using the console’s voice chat will allow teammates to talk freely. Just add everyone as a PlayStation friend and then invite them to a party before jumping into a match.

Rocket Leauge on Xbox

Xbox players have a similar option to players on PlayStation. Use the Xbox Online Network to create a party with friends. Anyone on your Xbox Live account friend list can be invited, allowing teams to easily talk while competing.

Rocket League on PC

There are multiple ways to voice chat on PC, making it less frustrating that Rocket League has disabled the feature within the game. Use Steam to create a group chat with friends in the background during a match, or do the same through the Epic Games Store during Rocket League matches. Discord is another option, allowing squads to create servers, group DMs, and calls no matter the platform they’re playing on.

Rocket League on Nintendo Switch

Rocket League fans bold enough to play the game on Nintendo Switch should connect through Steam or Discord on a laptop or phone if they want to chat with teammates. Have this device nearby so you can chat with teammates while playing Rocket League.

Discord is a great way for teammates that are on different consoles to communicate without any complications. Unfortunately, it is more difficult to find ways to voice chat with random teammates who may not want to add you as a friend on your console or through Discord.

For now, Rocket League fans will have to wait and see when Psyonix brings back voice chat in-game. This will be a game-changer for Rocket League players, especially competitive players that want better communication with other players looking to win big.


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