Does Payday 3 have crossplay and cross-progression?

By Kenneth Williams


Sep 13, 2023

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Multiplayer is at the heart of Payday 3 and crossplay and cross-progression are too valuable for Starbreeze Studios to ignore.

The beta for Payday 3 is now live, and players on PC are having a lot of fun testing out the new mechanics and marveling at the Unreal Engine 4 graphics. While console players are currently left out of the fun, the game is ready to launch on both PlayStation and Xbox, widening the pool of players.

However, will Payday 3 be able to unite them all when the game comes out on September 18, 2023?

Yes, Payday 3 does support crossplay between all available platforms. Here’s a list of all the different platforms that will be able to play together in Payday 3:

  • PC
  • PlayStation 5
  • Xbox Series

Crossplay is confirmed on the official Payday 3 website. The game will be exclusive to current-generation consoles and will not have a release on the Nintendo Switch. 

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Crossplay will allow players on all three platforms to play together seamlessly. They will be able to take on the main story along with all optional missions together with equal progress.

Since Payday 3 players will have their progress tied to their accounts, that naturally leads to cross-progression being a highly-requested feature. Luckily for them, Starbreeze had that in mind during development.

Will Payday 3 have cross-platform play and progression?

In addition to cross-platform lobbies featuring all available devices, Payday 3 will also support cross-progression between different consoles and PC.

Cross-progression in Payday 3 will allow players to jump between different platforms while retaining all of their earning progress. This means that if you play on Xbox Series but swap to a gaming PC, you will keep all of your earned rewards like guns, skins, and more.

Based on the massive amount of content in Payday 2, this will be an extremely useful feature for the soon-to-be-massive progression tree.

However, one Payday 2 platform has gotten very little attention from developer Starbreeze Studios. In 2018, the company released a full virtual reality version of Payday 2 that was crossplay compatible with all other platforms, but there’s been no mention of a similar VR port for Payday 3.

Fans of that version may be disappointed, but there’s always a chance a VR DLC is released during Payday 3’s extensive post-launch support.


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