For Honor crossplay

For Honor is getting crossplay, and here’s how it works

By Olivia Richman


Apr 11, 2022

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For Honor was released in 207, with knights, vikings, and samurai warriors clashing in intense fights throughout historic battlefields. But while For Honor spans across multiple eras, many players are curious if the realistic action game allows players across multiple platforms to come together and compete.

When For Honor came out in 2017, it didn’t support crossplay. It was separately available on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation, but players on these different platforms couldn’t compete with one another. This is a notorious issue with Ubisoft games, with Rainbow Six Siege also lacking crossplay functionality for the majority of its release. Luckily for fans, is now changing.

Does For Honor have crossplay?

Ubisoft started rolling out the first phase of For Honor’s crossplay feature on March 17. The initial phase allowed cross-platform matchmaking between PlayStation, Xbox, and PC players by combing all of them into one combined matchmaking pool.

Fans of For Honor who want to pick up the game again due to the addition of crossplay will notice that finding games is now much faster. But players coming back to the game should be aware that skill ratings will need to be readjusted by their playing a few games.

Unfortunately, the initial phase of the crossplay deployment plan will not allow friends to group up and do battle with opponents playing on other platforms. Full crossplay compatibility will be available by the end of 2022, according to Ubisoft’s official website.

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Can you shut off crossplay in For Honor?

Crossplay was automatically enabled for every For Honor player on March 17. You can opt out of crossplay by going into the settings menu in the new “online” option. Keep in mind, however, that matchmaking may take a while if you have crossplay disabled. One of the main benefits of crossplay is lower matchmaking times, and disabling the feature will undo this benefit.


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