Disguised Toast

DisguisedToast reveals reason behind switching to Facebook Gaming

By Olivia Richman


Nov 24, 2019

Reading time: 3 min

Jeremy “DisguisedToast” Wang’s move to Facebook Gaming came as a shock to the streaming community when he first announced the change in platform. 

During a recent stream, DisguisedToast was asked why he chose to leave Twitch to stream on Facebook. He explained that it was Facebook Gaming’s “untapped market potential” that drew him.

For DisguisedToast, it seemed like he had “plateaued” on Twitch and wasn’t able to reach new demographics. This included boomers and people in Latin American and Southeast Asian communities, although DisguisedToast admitted he wasn’t too brushed up on his Spanish. 

“I know ‘bonjour’ and ‘gracias’,” he said on stream. 

The Hearthstone and Apex Legends streamer had been one of Twitch’s top broadcasters when he decided to make the move. He allegedly signed a deal with Facebook Gaming where he will stream exclusively on the new platform, but he will still have his videos uploaded on YouTube and Offline TV. 

“I’ve received an offer from every major streaming platform but decided to go with Facebook because I believe it has the most explosive potential. It’s always a risk to move platforms but my research has made me confident in my choice,” DisguisedToast said in an interview with CNN Business. 

For DisguisedToast, the move to Facebook Gaming was an opportunity to use his “personality” and “big brain” to “take Facebook Gaming to the next level.” 

But his fans aren’t too sure about the move themselves. 

DisguisedToast questioned over Facebook Gaming streaming move

While Facebook Gaming claims it has more than 700 million people “engaged” with the social media platform’s gaming content, Facebook does count even people who only watched one minute of content or left a single comment or reaction within a gaming group. They also only have “tens of thousands” of content creators, which is nowhere near Twitch’s three million streamers each month and 15 million daily visitors. 

Some on streaming communities on Reddit have called Facebook a dying platform, noting that many people are already moving away from Facebook. Many feel that Facebook most likely offered DisguisedToast a large amount of money for the switch, outbidding other platforms. Some even speculated he wanted some guaranteed money to help ensure an early retirement. 

Still, other fans supported DisguisedToast’s choice, pointing out that there aren’t many other big name streamers on Facebook Gaming yet. 

FB has massive outreach. FB has a more negative reputation in the US lately but not really in other countries, and his Twitch career has plateaued lately. Sure the platitude of ‘FB Gaming to the next level’ is kind of silly, but in the context, placed after all he’s talked about, you can see it’s obviously about his own growth,” one person speculated. 

DisguisedToast addresses trolls on Facebook Gaming

For DisguisedToast, there seems to be another upside to the platform switch. 

While appearing as a guest on LilyPichu’s Twitch stream, DisguisedToast explained how he was able to easily shut down a troll on Facebook Gaming. 

“Someone was mean to me today. I said, ‘Wow, that’s a dumb comment… Bob Taylor.’ I read out his entire name, and he didn’t say shit after that,” DisguisedToast said with a laugh. 

After getting over her initial shock, LilyPichu laughed and agreed that DisguisedToast was definitely the type of person who would go to someone’s mom to report that their son had been bullying him. 

All jokes aside, the lack of anonymity on Facebook Gaming, where people don’t get to use gaming tags or user names in chat, will most likely cut down on the amount of trolling and toxicity. Famous Fortnite streamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins was so distraught by the recent toxicity in his chat that it became one of his main reasons for his leaving Twitch in favor of Microsoft’s Mixer platform. 


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