Disguised Toast taking a content break amid return to Canada

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Jeremy “Disguised Toast” Wang has announced a break from content creation as he returns to Canada to take care of his father. 

Just as everyone is setting their content creation goals and expectations for 2021, Disguised Toast is taking a step back from live streaming and from his YouTube videos in order to return to Canada in order to take care of his father.

When is Disguised Toast returning to streaming?

Disguised Toast is taking a break from content creation for an undisclosed amount of time. He will still be streaming to fulfill his contractual obligation, but there are no promises of YouTube uploads from the streams.

He has taken breaks to return home before, so fans can rest assured that he will return, but because he is returning to Canada to care for his father, fans might be in for a longer break than they might like.

Who is Disguised Toast?

The popular content creator has more recently been known for his Among Us streams and the subsequent videos that are uploaded to his YouTube channel. Diguised Toast got his start in competitive Hearthstone, where he used to shield his face behind a cardboard mask shaped like a piece of toast. One stream, he let his mask slip, but his popularity only skyrocketed after his face reveal and he continued to make videos and stream. He eventually joined OfflineTV in October 2017 and joined a group of content creators in Los Angeles. 

In September 2020, Disguised Toast saw an influx of subscribers when he began playing Among Us and uploading his content to YouTube. As a result of a number of his videos, he quickly became one of the most popular content creators, streaming alongside other notable personalities such as Seán “JackSepticEye” McLoughlin, Imane “Pokimane” Anys, and even Senator Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY).

Disguised Toast will still be streaming on Twitch, but fans will see a decrease in the amount of streams and overall content creation.