Disguised Toast mocks Twitch during new live stream

By Olivia Richman


Feb 14, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Popular content creator Jeremy “Disguised Toast” Wang doesn’t seem to miss Twitch at all. 

While appearing on streamer Kkatamina’s Twitch broadcast, Disguised Toast candidly mocked Twitch and its restrictive policies. When someone in the chat brought up that streaming on Facebook had changed the former Hearthstone pro, Disguised Toast joked, “For the better by padding my pockets.” The joke was followed by a sinister laugh. 

“I have the freedom to do whatever I want,” Disguised Toast said. “No more slaving every day trying to stream TFT, scrounging for some views.” 

Disguised Toast mocks Twitch streaming and Teamfight Tactics

Disguised Toast then mocked a Teamfight Tactics streamer begging for people to watch their stream.

“Please watch my TFT stream. I got the best comp. You’ve never seen one like this. Please come over,” Disguised Toast jokingly said.

Kkatamina was laughing at Disguised Toast’s antics, but also seemed a bit flustered by it all. She began to tell him she wasn’t sure what to say, but Disguised Toast cut her off with another complaint about Twitch. 

“Plus I get to listen to music on Facebook,” he said. 

Kkatamina looked like she was about to counter his point, but she wasn’t fast enough. 

“Oh no. Play five seconds of Taylor Swift on Twitch? Your account is going to be banned,” Disguised Toast continued. 

Disguised Toast’s antics riled up the chat. Everyone seemed quite amused by his harsh remarks and silly voices, including Kkatamina. At that point any defense of Twitch on her part had been defeated. She told Disguised Toast that he had a point, clearly unable to stand up for Twitch’s ongoing struggle with copyrighted music and DMCA bans

Disguised Toast left Twitch for Facebook Gaming in 2019. He revealed that his reason was the lack of demographic diversity on Twitch compared to Facebook, as Facebook included untapped demographics such as older viewers and users in Southeast Asia. He also viewed the move as an opportunity to better showcase his personality, clearly feeling as though Twitch has been a bit restrictive in some aspects. 

What happened to Disguised Toast?

In January 2021, Disguised Toast announced that he was taking a break from streaming on Facebook Gaming. This was due to a decision made by Disguised Toast to take care of his father in Canada. Most fans offered their support to the streamer during this time.