Dignitas returns to LCS after merger with Clutch Gaming is completed

Melany Moncav • June 12, 13:00

Team Dignitas is returning to the LCS in 2020, as the merger between the team and Clutch Gaming has been officially announced.

After months of speculations and rumors, the Philadelphia 76ers and Harris Blitzer Sports and Entertainment closed the merger between Clutch Gaming and Dignitas. The first reports surfaced in April when it transpired that Dignitas’ parent company was offering $20 million for a majority stake in Clutch Gaming.

Dignitas is officially the first former team to return to the LCS after the franchising period began. As one of the founding teams in the LCS, Dignitas showed interest in the newly franchised league, but the organization’s application was denied. Two years later, the team is back in the league with the potential to be stronger than ever.

“Dignitas was one of the eight original teams in the NA LCS and we’re excited to welcome them back to the LCS. We have been impressed with the strides they have taken over the past two years,” LCS commissioner Chris Greeley said.

The organization currently has squads competing in a number of competitive titles, including Super Smash Bros, Clash Royale, Apex Legends, Rocket League, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. This merger means the return of League of Legends to that long list of games.

“This combination with the Clutch Gaming ownership group will elevate an already world-class organization and we look forward to seeing great things from them going forward,” Greeley said.

Clutch Gaming will continue to use the brand through 2019’s ongoing competitive season and will adopt the new name in 2020. As for the roster, the organization could very well make major changes before spring 2020. The current roster finished the spring season in ninth place and is already struggling this summer.

Clutch Gaming returns to the rift on June 15 when they face TSM.


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