Devin Nash deals with IRL harassment live on his stream

By Olivia Richman


Apr 18, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Devin Nash is a popular influencer and social media star that has started to make an impact on Twitch as a streamer. He currently has over 150,000 followers on the streaming platform where Nash is often found in the Just Chatting section. 

The lover of travel often has a pretty chill stream going, but sometimes things go wrong. Last month, Nash and another popular IRL streamer, ImJasmine, were walking around outside when a group came up to them and started yelling threats at the two streamers. It’s not clear how the drama began, but the strangers could be heard slinging anti-Asian hate at ImJasmine. 

After realizing they were on camera, the group threatened the streamers to “delete it” or they would “break everything.” They even threatened to beat up Nash. Luckily the situation didn’t end with any actual violence. ImJasmine even told followers that it was “just another day on the job.” 

While Nash and ImJasmine were fine after the encounter, it was a shocking reminder about the rise in Asian hate over the past few years.  Asian Americans have faced increases in violence and racism, and the subject has become a hot topic in popular culture. 

How old is Devin Nash?

The content creator’s birthday is not known. While his age is not public, some believe Devin Nash to be around 35 years old. 

What is Devin Nash’s net worth? 

Nash’s net worth is believed to be around $200,000. This is most likely from his sponsorships and deals across all of his social media platforms. Nash is also the chief marketing officer of N3RDFUSION, which is a creative talent agency. Nash also states on his LinkedIn that he is an inspirational speaker and investor. Nash is also the former CEO of Counter Logic Gaming. 

Who is Devin Nash’s girlfriend? 

Nash is very private about his personal life. Not much is known about his relationships, but he is not currently married. Nobody knows anything about his parents either. While Nash has siblings, details on them are scarce. Nash is known to skip questions regarding his relationships and family, but it’s said that they live in Lake Tahoe, California. 


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