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Developers have confirmed the next League of Legends champions

By Nicholas James


Oct 23, 2023

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Riot Games has previewed the next two champions that will be making their way into League of Legends.

Riot Games likes to frequently update its player base on the champions that are being released in the near future. The usual pattern for these is that Riot will announce the next champion coming to League of Legends and then preview the next two, along with any champion reworks.

This time, Riot has shown off the Skarner VGU along with the next two champion, an artistic mid laner named Hwei and a new creature champion who fans have some crazy theories about.

Skarner rework

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The only champion who had their full kit shown off in conjunction with this latest developer update is Skarner. Skarner has struggled for a long time as a remnant from League of Legends’ past that has stuck around as a scuttling, suppressing anachronism.

Skarner’s old lore was also a source of much confusion when it came to League of Legends’ story, since it and others seemed to be at odds with the story of Riot Games’ smash hit animated series, Arcane.

Riot Games has been hard at work devising the Skarner Visual Gameplay rework since he was the winner of the fan vote last year. In the latest champion spotlight, fans finally got a look at Skarner’s full kit.

Skarner new abilities

Skarner Q

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Skarner’s Q is his bread-and-butter combat ability. It will have a longer casting time, and Skarner will pick up a chunk of terrain from the rift. While carrying the boulder, Skarner’s auto-attacks are enhanced.

While Skarner has his boulder, he can activate his Q again to throw the boulder as a large skill shot. The boulder explodes upon hitting a champion or the end of its range, dealing AoE damage.

Skarner’s Q is meant to help enhance his jungle clear, and then also allow him some reach to finish off gank targets who have used Flash or other mobility to create distance.

Skarner W

Skarner’s W will continue to be durability and a shield. Skarner slams into the ground, shielding himself and releasing a shockwave around him. The shockwave appears to damage and slow enemies. There’s not a ton to this ability, it’s still representative of Skarner’s simplicity, just enhanced.

Skarner E

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Skarner’s E is his most exciting and new ab ility. Skarner rapidly gains movement speed, drifting like Sion’s Ultimate. While in this animation, Skarner can pass over and through walls to hit enemies.

When he strikes an enemy, he grabs them and has a short window of continued charge in which he can pin his target to a wall. If he pins the target to the wall, Skarner stuns the enemy and deals a chunk of bonus damage.

If Skarner passes through a wall, he’ll automatically grab a boulder as though he cast his Q.

Skarner R

Skarner’s impale is now a multi-target skill shot. The huge power of Skarner’s previous ultimate was its point-and-click nature. If Skarner could just get in range of an enemy, he could choose to suppress them and drag them into his team. This binary sort of power has to be accounted for, and Skarner’s other abilities were less interesting as a way of compensating for the ease with which he could catch enemies.

Now that it’s a skill-shot, it can be made even more powerful. Now, Skarner will suppress and drag every enemy champion hit. This is a massive increase in the potential ceiling of Skarner’s ultimate. He can hit any number of targets, so you’ll be sure to see Skarner montages of him drifting over a wall, pinning a tank to a wall, and then hitting all five members of the enemy team.

This is now one of the most powerful potential team fight abilities in League of Legends.

Hwei in League of Legends

In the ever-evolving world of League of Legends, innovation is the key to keeping the game fresh and exciting. The most recent addition to the roster, Hwei, brings a unique and artistic flair to the mid lane. Hailing from the picturesque region of Ionia, this artist is making a name for himself as he strikes out on his own.

Hwei’s artistic sensibilities and his potential affiliation with the infamous virtuoso, Jhin, have piqued the interest of players and lore enthusiasts alike. One cannot help but draw comparisons between the two; they share a deep fascination with what defines an artist’s essence.

Could their paths have crossed in the colorful streets of Ionia? It’s a tantalizing theory that adds an extra layer of mystique to Hwei’s character.

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Coming from the same region as Jhin, Hwei’s presence in the League of Legends universe raises questions about the nature of his relationship with the meticulous killer. Both characters share lines about the intricacies of art, and this parallel cannot be ignored.

Could Hwei be a protege of the virtuoso, or perhaps an adversary who aims to redefine art in his own way? Only time will tell.

Hwei’s unique identity as a painter has many players eagerly speculating about the potential of his abilities. As a mid laner, he is expected to have wave-clearing and crowd-control capabilities that align with his artistic theme. With the tantalizing possibility of a connection to Jhin, and the intriguing notion of an ionian artist bringing his craft to the forefront of League of Legends, Hwei is poised to become a fan-favorite champion.

The mid lane has never seen an artist like him before, and players around the world are eager to embrace his unique blend of artistry and destruction. As we await his official release, the League of Legends community is buzzing with excitement about Hwei’s arrival and the vibrant, mystical world of Ionia he represents.

New noble creature champion teased in LoL

The teaser art unveiled in a developer diary has ignited the imaginations of players worldwide, as it features a striking turquoise egg adorned with red flames that dance along its edges. Riot’s video preview paints a picture of nobility and enigma, sparking intense curiosity among fans eager to learn more about this unique addition to the Summoner’s Rift.

What sets this upcoming creature champion apart is the remarkable dearth of champions in League of Legends that fall into this category. With a roster filled with human, yordle, and various other humanoid champions, the introduction of a true creature champion is a refreshing twist.

While Yuumi, the magical cat, and Fiddlesticks, a demon-possessed scarecrow, have added some diversity to the lineup, there remains a glaring lack of champions with a purely non-humanoid form with modern releases. This newcomer promises to break the mold and bring a novel gameplay experience to the League.

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One of the most compelling fan theories swirling around this enigmatic champion centers on its lineage. Many players have speculated that this creature could be the offspring of none other than Shyvana and Jarvan IV. The pairing of a Demacian prince and a half-dragon, half-human warrior from the shadow of Noxus has long been a subject of intrigue among the community.

Although Riot has not confirmed or denied this theory, the resemblance between this new creature champion’s teaser and the fire-breathing Shyvana’s dragon lineage is too tantalizing to ignore. The two have had a oft-theorized and practically confirmed romantic attraction, but it hasn’t been explored further.

Shyvana, a descendant of dragons, boasts a scaly, draconic form that is instantly recognizable. Her thematic abilities and gameplay revolve around her dragon ancestry, and she has been a favorite among players for years.

Jarvan IV, on the other hand, represents Demacia’s nobility and honor, and his strong ties to the lore make him an iconic character within the game. The possibility of these two champions coming together to produce an offspring of unparalleled power and intrigue has captured the imagination of fans who relish delving into League’s rich lore.

The new champion has been made to sound much cuter than Shyvana’s intimidating form.

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The presence of a noble, and especially cute, creature champion within League of Legends has intrigued fans further. The video preview gives us a glimpse of this champion adorned in resplendent, regal attire, suggesting a high-born background and perhaps a noble disposition. How this nobility will be integrated into the champion’s lore and gameplay mechanics remains a captivating mystery, and players are eager to explore this aspect of the character in more detail.

League of Legends is no stranger to weaving rich narratives and character relationships into its roster of champions. The possible connection between this new creature champion, Shyvana, and Jarvan IV adds another layer of depth to the game’s lore and generates excitement within the community. Senna and Lucian, Xayah and Rakan, are partners, and even Kassadin and Kai’Sa have a parent-child relationship.

As the release date of this creature champion draws nearer, the League of Legends community is buzzing with anticipation and speculation. How will this noble, non-humanoid champion shake up the meta, and what secrets will its lore unveil?

The answers remain shrouded in mystery, but one thing is for sure: With the arrival of this unique and long-awaited creature champion, League of Legends is set to embark on an exciting new adventure that will leave players eager to experience the game’s ever-expanding universe.

That’s all we know about the next champions coming to League of Legends, stay tuned for more details.


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