Developer Respawn delivers hardware bans to Apex Legends cheaters

Neslyn Apduhan • March 25, 2019 3:33 am

Apex Legends cheaters are reportedly receiving permanent hardware bans from the game’s developer.

Respawn Entertainment has taken the ban hammer to another level and imposed permanent hardware bans on cheaters in the new battle royale. This ensures that the cheating players are banished from the game more permanently than would be the case with a simple account ban.

Cheaters can easily shrug off typical matchmaking and account bans because they can simply create a new account in just a few minutes. On the other hand, hardware bans are much more difficult to get around.

New accounts created on the same PC will result in the reapplication of the previous ban. Accounts linked to the banned hardware will be flagged and immediately shut down.

Apex Legend cheaters have complained about the imposed hardware bans. But these complaints are mostly directed to the companies selling hacks and aimbot software.

Those companies sell different cheat packages ranging greatly in price, and they often promise that the software is undetectable. Selling and buying game hacks is generally frowned upon, but it’s a thriving market online powered by the increasing number of willing cheaters.

The high number of cheaters lurking around different multiplayer games is a constant problem for game developers. Although there are anti-cheating programs, hackers tend to find workarounds to any such system.

Respawn Entertainment had already banned hundreds of thousands of Apex Legends cheaters in the first month of their game’s release. Imposing hardware bans is the developer’s next step in setting a strong precedent for how hackers will be dealt with should they be caught in the game.

Game developers are always combating cheaters through different types of punishments. The best way players can contribute to keeping the playing field even for everyone is to avoid using cheats and to report any others who do using Apex Legends’ new in-game report system.


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