Destiny is already back on Twitch after his latest ban

Olivia Richman • May 3, 23:48

Political content creator Steven “Destiny” Bonnell is back on Twitch after he was banned for showing sexual content.

During a recent broadcast, Destiny had a guest on his stream that claimed to have images pulled from Hunter Biden’s hacked computer. Without warning, the guest flashed a picture to viewers depicting a sexual scenario involving Biden and two women. The graphic photo got Destiny banned from Twitch since it went against the platform’s Terms of Service. 

After the ban, Destiny was quiet silent on social media and fans were unclear when he would return. The Amazon-owned company has been inconsistent with its punishments. In some instances, women who have flashed viewers received three-day suspensions while other streamers who have accidentally shown inappropriate GIFs and were suspended for over a month. 

In this case, it was just four days before Destiny was back to streaming on Twitch. The odd timing of the suspension suggests to some that he may have succeeded in appealing it, but with Twitch remaining silent on all of its suspension decisions, it’s hard to be sure.

Destiny unbanned

Who is Destiny?

Destiny is a popular political streamer who has gained over 650,000 followers for his polarizing opinions and rants. He was originally a StarCraft streamer, but has since decided to venture into political commentary. 

Why was Destiny banned?

A sexually explicit image of Hunter Biden was shown on Destiny’s stream by a guest, and it went against Twitch’s Terms of Service. Even though Destiny wasn’t aware that his guest would do such a thing on stream, Destiny was still suspended for four days.

In the past, Imane “Pokimane” Anys was also reprimanded for accidentally flashing a pornographic pop-up. Sebastian “Forsen” Fors was banned for 31 days after he unknowingly opened an image featuring a horse penis. 

Destiny has been banned in the past as well. He lost his Twitch partnership in the fall of 2020 when he made comments that supported violence against protesters. He said on a stream that “white redneck fucking militia dudes” should mow down “dipship protesters” that were “torching buildings.” 

Earlier in 2020, Destiny was banned for 24 hours when he accidentally showed nudity on stream. 


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