Dafran rages on Valorant and gets banned from voice chat

By Olivia Richman


Feb 20, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Popular streamer Daniel “Dafran” Francesca hasn’t changed much after taking a break to become a farmer. 

Dafran recently had an outburst on stream that left him unable to use Valorant’s voice chat for the rest of a match. It seems as though Valorant has the former Overwatch pro just as frustrated as ever. 

The offense took place during a close round, and both teams were in overtime. During this tense moment in the game, Dafran was eliminated. This left Dafran to watch his teammates struggle on Ascent, ultimately losing the round. When the team’s Jett wasn’t able to secure a return kill after Killjoy was killed, the streamer seemed to lose his cool. 

“What the fuck. My teammates are so fucking bad,” he ranted. 

Dafran gets voice ban in Valorant while streaming on Twitch

The language earned him a voice ban from Valorant. After the round, a message popped up that informed Dafran that he wouldn’t be able to use voice again until February 22. Despite the setback, Dafran and his squad were able to win the following round. This resulted in a draw. 

“I got banned from voice,” Dafran said, seeming to have cooled down a bit. “It’s probably for the best, let’s be honest. Everyone in Immortal is fucking banned, dude.” 

Riot’s Terms of Service explain that being offensive to other players and using vulgar language can “warrant disciplinary measures.” His short but intense rant clearly went against these terms, resulting in a chat ban. While he can still play ranked matches with the ban, developers have already promised that players with chat bans will be rendered unbale to play competitively during that time in the near future. 

Before Dafran decided to quit Twitch to study vegetable growing and other real-life skills, he faced a bit of backlash for his occasionally colorful language in Valorant. In May of last year, Dafran was suspended from Twitch after ranting about a Valorant tournament organizer called Solary TV. Dafran called the week-long ban “worth it” at the time. 

Since the drama, Dafran has claimed he has been “reformed.” But his continued frustrations with Valorant seem to keep slipping him up. 


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