Dafran banned from Twitch after being thrown out of Valorant event

By Morten Marstal


May 22, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

Popular streamer Daniel “dafran” Francesca has been suspended from Twitch for seven days following a string of outbursts after being banned from a Valorant tournament.

The former Overwatch League pro was recently banned for life from Solary’s Valorant tournaments after he exploded at the tournament organizers on Twitter. 

The dispute started over a scheduling change for a playoff match in the Solary Cup, which nobody from dafran’s team saw. When former Overwatch League player Damien “Hyp” Souville, who led the team set to face dafran’s squad, tried to notify dafran about the change, dafran snapped back at him and blocked him, which prompted Hyp to try to reach out to him on Twitter. 

This eventually led to dafran being thrown out of the tournament and banned from future events hosted by Solary. 

A few days prior to the ban, dafran had a string of in-game outbursts that were broadcasted on Twitch. In one instance, he threw a game when he was grouped with a player from Solary, 16-year-old Evan “DRG” Depaw. During the match, dafran even realized his own behavior, stopped throwing, and asked his chat to stop attacking DRG. 

One day after he lashed out at a 16-year-old, dafran had yet another incident. This outburst was again directed at Solary, calling every member of Solary and anyone who supports them a “fucking bitch”, among other things. He even acknowledged in his ranting that he would get banned for his rant, but he didn’t care, and said he stood by his words.

Not long after, dafran simply tweeted out, “7 days ban on Twitch. Fuck it, worth.”

His ban should expire around May 26. 

dafran is well known for having outbursts like this, then apologizing and “becoming better” afterwards. Despite going through several cycles of this behavior, he’s showing no signs of slowing down on his toxicity.

Fans can expect to see dafran return to Twitch after his ban, and it is likely that his Twitter account will stay silent too.


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