Dafran just spent 14 hours beating his own puzzle in Rust

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Daniel “Dafran” Francesca has spent a good amount of time making “the ultimate puzzle,” only to be the first one to beat it after taking just over 14 hours.

The former Overwatch League pro player has been frequenting the OfflineTV Rust server recently, and has been wiping out many of his fellow players with his honed first-person shooter skills. He’s one of the deadliest on the server, but he took a new approach to the game when he created the “ultimate puzzle,” which consisted of three phases that needed to be completed in order. He promised $1,000 to the person who finished it first, but also took on the challenge himself.

In a clip taken from his Twitch stream, Dafran finishes his own puzzle after more than 14 hours. At first, people could barely get past the base of the puzzle, which made many give up the endeavor entirely. But Dafran offered money to sweeten the deal and get people interested again. 

Dafran offers reward for players to finish his puzzle

“UAE44 will donate $1000 if you finish all three puzzles,” Dafran said. “This jump puzzle is only the first puzzle, and no one has completed it yet.”

He then walks into a room that has bodies of dead players littered all over the floor, supposedly from failing the very first part of the challenge. 

It isn’t a surprise that Dafran is the first one to finish the puzzle considering that he built it and has had time and practice with it. It doesn’t take away the fact that he spent so much time on it, but now viewers are watching for who will be next. Dafran isn’t taking the $1,000 prize since his aim was just to see how hard it was for himself and to say he that he’d completed it. This means that the reward is still up for grabs, and many players have been making attempts in order to get the clout associated with finishing, along with the prize money. 

So far, no one besides Dafran has completed the puzzle, and considering it took him so long there’s no telling how much time it will take for the first real winner to finish the course.


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