Cypher camera bug is providing him with wall hack on map Breeze

Fariha Bhatti • June 30, 20:02

The Morrocan spy Cypher has been using his intel-gathering devices for nefarious motives, a Valorant player has discovered. 

Cypher is tasked with accumulating information for his aggressive duelists on maps where watching flank and area coverage can be a challenge. However, a new glitch discovered during a game of Valorant Champions Tour shows that his camera has a wallhack-like bug devised in it. 

Professional Valorant player for team BREF, Beyaz released a video clip of a game-breaking bug, which was reportedly utilized during his team’s game against Vodafone Giants. The player claimed that the enemy team exploited the bug in “six rounds minimum out of 12,” and demanded a rematch. He also attached a clip in which the enemy team was spotted exploiting the glitch in two rounds, which ultimately helped them bag kills. 

This bug is a major one since players can’t do much to tackle it. Players can attach Cypher’s camera on top of the tower and it will provide a clear view of the A entrance. But enemies rushing inside won’t be available to spot and destroy the camera due to a wooden barrier. This provides the Cypher player with an advanced view of enemies, which is basically a wallhack. 

However, match admins were adamant that it can’t be considered a bug unless it’s listed as one officially by Riot Games. Breeze is still a relatively new map and players keep finding newer problems each day. So it’s understandable that Cypher’s wallhack bug isn’t listed as a glitch, officially. However, it does qualify as a glitch since it provided one team with an unfair advantage.

Currently, players are awaiting Riot Games’ verdict regarding the bug. However, the dangerous glitch can be utilized in ranked games as it is pretty easy to replicate. It doesn’t even require a detailed lineup so Cypher players are going to have a field day on Breeze’s point A. This will remain a major issue on the location until the developer delivers a patch or declare it a bug. 

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