CSGO pro Jamppi reportedly set to join Team Liquid’s Valorant roster

Fariha Bhatti • February 23, 2021 9:59 pm

Elias “Jamppi” Olkkonen is already making big moves after the Valorant switch. Reports claim that Team Liquid is eyeballing the young star for its roster. 

The Valorant wave swarmed tons of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players, pulling them to the animated universe of Riot’s shooter. However, jamppi’s shift had turned many heads, thanks to the player’s long history with Valve. 

The young CS star was banned from all CSGO majors on account of owning a VAC banned Steam account. The Finnish player’s claims of selling his account years before the ban lacked weightage, as Valve renders punishment a per-user basis. After a years-long legal battle, the 19-year-old had finally followed in the footsteps of other CSGO pros and moved to Valorant on January 26. 

It seems that Jamppi has already found his footing in Valorant, with reports claiming that he’s practicing with Team Liquid’s roster. According to the report, Jamppi will be replacing the current in-game leader Adam “ec1s” Eccles’, who’s called the shot since August 2020 for Team Liquid’s lackluster Valorant squad. 

Team Liquid may get a new IGL 

Before the report, esports journalist Arran “Halo” Spake had stated that Team Liquid is looking to replace the current in-game leader following the team’s early exit from the Champions Tour Europe Stage 1 tournament. The ec1s-led roster failed to qualify for the main event following a 2-1 defeat to Alliance. Despite consequent losses against the likes of G2, Heretics, FunPlus Pheonix, Team Liquid has managed to retain its spot among the best of European teams. 

However, the recent slump requires a refresh, and Jamppi’s addition may help the organization revive the team. After ec1s’ exit, the captain’s role may fall on Adil “ScreaM” Benrlitom, the only member with extensive experience in CSGO. This will be a major switch within the team, as Scream is also the main fragger for Team Liquid and can’t afford to be distracted mid-game.  

It’s yet to be seen how Team Liquid plays around the roles if the reports come true. Rest assured, the acquisition will be fruitful for Jamppi, who’s missed out on tons of great opportunities in CSGO due to the ban. Hopefully, this switch will allow him to restart his journey and show up in Valorant servers with full force. 


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