Crypto abilities teased in Apex Legends new hero’s reveal trailer

By Rebekah Drake


Sep 25, 2019

Reading time: 2 min

The 11th playable character of Apex Legends has been officially confirmed.

The long-rumored, repeatedly teased character Crypto has been revealed in a cinematic trailer that delved into the legend’s backstory and hinted at his abilities.

The trailer begins with Crypto and a young woman, Mila, discovering an algorithm that predicts who will win the next match in the Apex Games. The information proves to be dangerous when it results in Mila disappearing and Crypto being framed for her murder. Now on the run from the world’s governing body, who are also responsible for moderating the Apex Games, Crypto outfits himself with cybernetic implants and vows revenge.

Crypto’s presence in Apex Legends has been known for a long while, with files related to the character being uncovered by data miners months ago. The character was first teased officially in the trailer to season two, where he was shown sabotaging the Apex Games, which resulted in various animals overrunning the map. In recent weeks, Crypto has been found in-game, hacking a computer in an enclosed room within the Singh Labs area of the map.

New Apex Legends hero Crypto’s abilities


It’s unknown what abilities the new legend will have, with developer Respawn Entertainment stating more details regarding both Crypto and Season 3 are “coming soon”. However, dataminer That1MiningGuy reported that he had discovered a full list of abilities for Crypto last month with many of those findings lining up with what was shown in the trailer. According to That1MiningGuy, Crypto’s kit will revolve around his controllable drone, which will allows him to remotely open doors, lootbins, and pick up teammates’ respawn banners.

Crypto will arrive with the start of Season 3, though he won’t be alone. The Charge Rifle, a new weapon that was first seen in Titanfall and Titanfall 2, has been confirmed as one of many fresh weapons. A new ranked season will also be arriving, bringing changes to matchmaking, as well as a new battle pass.

Season 3 is set to begin on October 1.