Crown announces return to South Korea after poor LCS performance

By Olivia Richman


Mar 18, 2020

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That was the last thing Min-ho “Crown” Lee tweeted before getting on a plane and leaving North America after a poor performance with Counter Logic Gaming. 

“Hello, I’m Crown. I’m going back to Korea today after being removed from CLG. Thank you all for anyone who cheered for me at LCS and at home. NA life has been long and short but I’m thankful for good and various memories and experience. Sorry for my bad performance at the end,” Crown tweeted last night. 

This sentiment was met with a lot of kind words from the League of Legends community. The LCS’ official account sent a few hearts and crowns his way. A Monday Night League host thanked him for his time spent in Los Angeles. Niship “Dhokla” Dosi, TSM’s backup top laner, sent a tearful goodbye. 100 Thieve’s VP of esports, Jacob Toft-Andersen, told him that he hopes everything works out well. Dignitas Academy support Joo-sung “Olleh” Kim told Crown to be safe. 

“I’ll miss you,” Olleh added with a frowning face. 

Crown dropped from CLG after poor performance

Crown had obviously made quite an impression on the pros and professionals in the LCS, but he unfortunately didn’t leave as positive of an impact on CLG during the first half of the Spring Split. The veteran had one of the worst KDAs of any mid laner in the LCS by the time he was dropped from the roster, leaving CLG in 10th place. 

The South Korean player had once been viewed as one of the smartest signings in the LCS going into the season. Unfortunately, his sensitive and quiet nature didn’t seem to blend well with CLG and his performance continued to suffer. While CLG still has a long way to go if they want to make playoffs, things are looking a bit more promising with domesitc mid laner Eugene “Pobelter” Park taking over the role. 

Crown was made a free agent soon after, but now it seems he has decided to leave North America entirely. It’s not clear what his exact reason is, but it’s possible he is hoping to have better luck on a team in the LCK, since he had more impressive results with Gen.G and Samsung Galaxy in Korea.He could also be planning to spend time with his family, since South Korea was hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic. 


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