CoreJJ wants NA teams to find their own win conditions before Worlds

By Olivia Richman


Jul 21, 2019

Reading time: 2 min

It’s been another successful weekend for Team Liquid in the LCS Summer Split. The team took down Clutch Gaming no problem, then moved onto their next victim, Golden Guardians. So far, they’re the number one team in North America. But do they have what it takes to defeat the best teams in the world? sat down with Jo “CoreJJ” Yong-in to find out just how confident Team Liquid is when it comes to facing other regions. 

First of all, how is Impact feeling after the car crash

CoreJJ: He cannot focus on the game fully. His neck and back are too uncomfortable. It just looks really uncomfortable for him. But even though it was a big car accident, he will be fine.  

Are you confident you guys can win the LCS title again? 

So far, I think we are the front runner. I have confidence so far. But who knows. Everything can change so quickly. 

Are there any teams that you think could challenge you? 

C9. They are always good. They are doing very well. They have been playing well every season. 

With how TL is playing now, do you feel NA will have a chance in Worlds? 

I hope so. I hope we can get the title there. I’m watching many regions. They’re doing really well. North America is behind at this time. We are behind. Every player, every team, needs to play better. Then we can challenge them. I think we have a chance to get the title, but not yet. 

What must NA improve? 

Every team needs to find their clear win condition. If they play correctly, according to their team composition, I think every team has their win condition. That will help them improve. 

Your initial reason for joining TL was to play with Doublelift. What is your favorite part about playing with him so far? 

Talking with each other. We just communicate really well in-game and out of game. When we don’t know something, we can fix it and help each other by using communication. 

You and Doublelift are both MVP candidates. Who do you think deserves it? 

I didn’t know we were! If we won the season, I think it doesn’t matter who wins MVP. I just want to see the MVP coming from our team when we finish in first. 

You won the World Championship with Gen.G in 2017.  The team had been struggling before going on a winning streak in the LCK. They took down Kingzone. Could Gen.G be a threat at Worlds?

It looks like they always get in. They are scary. They didn’t show they were scary in the spring split, but they are doing really well now. Every team knows Gen.G is super scary. They can always get to the top. I think they are now doing their best and they look really strong right now. 

How do you think Team Liquid would fare against Gen.G right now? 

As strong as we are, the top team in LCS, I will never say we will lose to another team. We would win.