Content Warning lobby-size mods shut down, here’s why

By Fariha Bhatti


Apr 4, 2024

Reading time: 2 min

Content Warning has streamers and regular players alike running after fame on SpookTube in packs of tens and dozens. But that will no longer be possible as Landfall has shut down all lobby-size mods. 

Content Warning is a thrilling and entertaining game, but it’s even better when played with friends. The official game servers only allow four players at a time, but thanks to the ingenuity of modders, a solution was found. Lobby-size mods like Virality and More Players mod allowed players to invite more friends. However, this fun was short-lived, as Landfall decided to take down these mods. But, not out of spite.

DotEsports came across an official announcement from Landfall on their Discord server explaining the reason behind the mod’s wipeout. 

Why did Content Warning remove Virality? 

Content Warning game

Landfall has clarified that the use of lobby-size mods was not just a matter of game balance but also a financial concern. These mods were causing a significant increase in server costs, which ultimately led to their removal. 

Taking to Discord, the developer explained that larger lobbies require larger server files, which increases cost as sometimes “Steam can’t send the files.” For this reason, the developer has requested modders to avoid forcing lobbies bigger than 4-person. 

As of now, the developer has set a hard limit of four people and intends to keep it that way. However, player reaction to this change may lead Landfall to consider increasing the lobby size in official servers.

Is Content Warning free?

Landfall’s horror-survival-style game is raking in positive views on Steam, but it’s no longer free. Content Warning is priced at $4.49 on Steam. 

Content Warning, released on April 1, was free for the first 24 hours. But now, players must pay a small fee to record the horrible monsters for fame on SpookTube.