Content Warning game

Content Warning has scary footage going viral

By Olivia Richman


Apr 3, 2024

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Have you heard of Content Warning? The horror game is going viral, and people can’t stop playing it. Why? Here’s everything we know about Content Warning.

A lot of popular streamers have been laughing and screaming while broadcasting playthroughs of Content Warning. The viral moments have intrigued a lot of viewers who have decided to check out the game for themselves. Now, Content Warning has tens of thousands of concurrent players on Steam, bringing it into the top 20 along with Elden Ring, Dragon’s Dogma, and Destiny 2.

Wondering how this relatively unknown game has been competing with some of the biggest titles of the year?

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What exactly is Content Warning?

Content Warning is a horror game that was released on April 1, 2024. But it’s not a joke. Instead, Content Warning is a real game focused on getting your friends into spooky situations and then putting their reactions to jump scares on SpookTube.

Players are equipped with a camera and must head out into the dark, capturing heart-stopping moments and then running to safety to share the footage online. The goal? Go viral.

A blend of eerie atmospheres and YouTube-style satire, Content Warning has become an instant success. It’s quite simple: You film creepy creatures and hope it blows up on social media. Then you use that money to get better cameras and even spookier footage.

Can you play Content Warning with friends?

What makes it even more engaging is that you can play online with up to three friends. This allows for more crazy antics and chaotic situations, as well as some role playing elements. Players have reported a wide variety of scary monsters and situations so far, keeping them hooked.

Is Content Warning free?

The new game was free on Steam on April 1. This is partially why so many people have started picking up the game this week. From April 2 onward, however, Content Warning is $8 on Steam.


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