Clutch Gaming’s Damonte on emotional win and making LCS playoffs

By Olivia Richman


Aug 6, 2019

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This weekend was quite important for Clutch Gaming. After beating the Golden Guardians, the team secured a spot in the LCS Summer Split playoffs. 

It was an emotional moment for Clutch Gaming, who many had written off earlier in the year. Now the team has their sights set on beating Team SoloMid in the quarterfinals. spoke with mid laner Tanner “Damonte” Damonte about the big day for Clutch. 

How are you feeling after that match? 

Damonte: Pretty good. Everyoen’s super happy. 

Some of you guys were crying on stage. Why was this so emotional for the team? 

We just had a lot of ups and downs this season. We brought in new coaches halfway through. From that point, everything turned around. 

As a team that was considered very average in the LCS, what does it mean to make it to the playoffs? 

We were pretty big underdogs. Nobody really even talked about us, which we thought was pretty funny. There was a segment that featured all the teams they thought were going to get to playoffs. They all had their own cars. We didn’t even get one. So it feels great to show we’re good enough to make it. 

You had said in a previous interview that you guys had a good chance to make playoffs. How does it feel to prove that to the rest of the LCS? 

It feels good. Everyone on our team expected to make it to playoffs. At this point, all we can do is look ahead and take out TSM. 

That’s the first team you’re facing in the playoffs. Is it important to beat them like you did last year? 

Yeah, me and Huni lost to TSM when we were on Echo Fox last year. It’s a pretty big match. 

Do you think you have what it takes?

For sure. We’re peaking right now, and TSM is doing the opposite. 

You guys were playing quite aggressively. How did you develop this playstyle? 

It’s something we’ve been practicing the entire year. Just recently, it’s been clicking. 

Is that your preferred playstyle? 

I prefer aggressive and fast. I’m more of a mechanical player, more so than a super methodical and smart player. 

Were there any moments you were most proud of in your match against GGS? 

Just killing the nexus with my team. We’ve bonded a lot over the past couple of weeks. It felt really good to have that moment. 

Who do you see in the finals? 

TL will for sure make finals. We can definitely make finals as well. But I think every team is pretty close. We’re for sure going to make it past quarters. 

You also said you wanted to make Dignitas proud. Do you feel you’ve done that this split? 

Yeah, definitely. We’re making a good start for Dignitas for 2020. 

Are you doing anything to celebrate after that win?  

We’re gonna go get steak in Bevery Hills.


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