CLG Pobelter on LCS Spring Split: “A coronavirus-fueled fever dream”

By Olivia Richman


Mar 22, 2020

Reading time: 4 min

Counter Logic Gaming has been knocked out of the Spring Playoffs, but they’re not about to stop trying. Not even close. CLG is putting their all into the last week of matches, said Eugene “Pobelter” Park, in an attempt to boost their morale and performance going into the Summer Split.

Pobelter joined for an interview over webcam to talk about his very crazy Spring Split, from joining a last place team to dealing with coronavirus and its affects on the LCS.

How was it facing Cloud9 today? 

Pobelter: It was a pretty fun game. We were both fighting a lot over all the objectives. We can view it as good practice for next split.

How are you feeling about thsi weekend’s results? 

Not great. We didn’t get a win this weekend, unfortunately. But all we can do is take what we can get from this split and use it towards next split. That’s what really counts for Worlds placement.

What is your motivation for the rest of the Spring Split?

We just want to get some wins on the board, of course. Everyone on the team is still really committed to at least finishing off strong. Our break is longer becuase we don’t have playoffs.

We might as well give it our best. It’s important for our team morale and our expectations coming into Summer Split.

How was it playing online this weekend? 

It was kind of weird. I havent played online for a big tournament in a while. It was a bit harder to get myself in the zone.

Usually when I show up to the LCS Arena, it’s a big stage, there’s the environment with the crowd. That’s what gets me in the zone. There’s a lot more pressure on me at home to perform.

Where was the team playing from? Were you all at the facility or home?

I was playing from my apartment.

How was it playing a match all seperated from each other?

Like I said, it feels weird. It feels like the early days of League, doing online tournaments.

What are the benefits of playing the matches together?

It’s just a way to be more mentally in the zone, whether you’re concious of it. We’re here, we’re all together, playing an LCS game.

How have you guys been practicing together? 

Yeah, we’ve been playing entirely from home. The facility is closed because of the coronavirus. I’ve been feeling sick the past two weeks, so I’ve been staying home.

How has that schedule been? Have you been able to scrim as much as you feel your team wanted or needed? 

I think it doesn’t really feel the same as when we’re all together, doing the review in person, talking to each other face-to-face. It feels slowed down in that sense, but we’re all doing the same disadvantave. I can’t wait till everything settles down and we can go back to life as normal.

Do you have any distractions when playing from your apartment?

Not really. I got a new puppy and he’s a little loud sometimes. But it’s manageable. I just will myself to stay focused. I gotta do my job.

Being sick and trapped at home, what have you been doing during the lockdown?

I’ve been playing League all day, every day. Now there’s only one wek left, so I’m going to put all my effort into that. I can cook, play music, read books, other game. But for now, I’m focusing on the last week.

How have you been enjoying being in the LCS once again

Yeah it feels great being back and competing every week.

What did you miss the most? 

Just the feeling of being on a team. The feeling you get after playing a really good match or getting a really good win. That’s not a feeling you can get anywhere else. You practice for weeks with your teammates to win a match, it was hard and high pressure, but you did it. It’s a great feeling.

How did you feel about joining a team that was in last place? 

I knew it would be a challenge, but it was one I was willing to take. Even though they were last, I was thankful they considered me to help them improve. I think results-wise, we haven’t seen it yet, but every week we are doing our best to get better and better.

In the Sumer Split, it should be different. It feels good knowing that I have a positive affect on the team and that we are making changes to the way we’re playing. We’re all really hopeful that we’ll step it up for Summer Split.

What did you notice CLG needed to improve when you joined the team? 

A lot of stuff. A lot of stuff is going on when a team is in last. But I was able to identify a lot of the problems that were going around. Them having an outside perspective in the form of me was really hepful. Someone who can call out people who are not doing the right thing.

What are your goals with CLG?

My goal is to continue to help the team improve. And our goal is to just do really well in the Summer Split so nobody remembers the Spring Split. That will be remembered only as a coronavirus-fueled fever dream.