Cinnpie responds to Puppeh allegations, threatens lawsuits

By Olivia Richman


May 2, 2021

Reading time: 3 min

More than a year after Cinnamon “Cinnpie” Dunson was accused of grooming Super Smash Bros. Ultimate pro Troy “Puppeh” Wells, Cinnpie has finally addressed the situation. And the Smash community has voiced frustration with her response. 

Puppeh accused Cinnpie of grooming him while he was a minor in 2016. Puppeh posted a TwitLonger in 2020 during the #MeToo movement that outlined his experience with the then 23-year-old Cinnpie. Puppeh was 14 when Cinnpie started flirting with him and sending sexual messages to him on Snapchat and Facebook. They ended up engaging in sexual acts together. But Puppeh became distressed when Cinnpie ignored him in public, including at Smash events. He eventually broke down and told his story, sick of keeping his feelings to himself. 

The Smash community responded by shunning Cinnpie. She was banned from tournaments and labeled a predator. Since then, Cinnpie stayed silent. But now she has finally answered the accustions publicly.

Cinnpie responds to Smash community after Puppeh accusations

Cinnpie decided to respond to the situation a year later via Twitter. But what she had to say shocked the Smash community and only furthered many community members’ dislike of the former commentator. 

“I have never in my life raped anyone. I’m not a pedophile. And I never forced another person in a sexual or romantic relationship with me in any way,” Cinnpie said. 

It was immediately noted that Cinnpie never apologized or addressed the specific allegations.

Cinnpie called herself an “immature” and “inappropriate” 23-year-old. But she seemed to be talking about an entirely separate situation in which she implied that a 40-year-old predator in the Smash community took advantage of her while she was intoxicated. Cinnpie wrote that she “didn’t deserve any of it,” something she realized after therapy. 

But the Smash community didn’t appear to feel too bad for Cinnpie despite her latest revalation. Instead, many felt she was blaming her actions on someone else rather than taking responsibility for her behavior with Puppeh.

For now, Cinnpie says that she will continue going to therapy. She has asked the Smash community to stop telling her to “kill herself” in the meantime. She claimed she couldn’t say much more due to her lawyer’s advice. 

Cinnpie threatens to sue after Puppeh allegations

Cinnpie also included with her message a second document that came from an attorney’s office. In the document, it is stated that Cinpie has received a series of “unwarranted and defamatory attacks against her character and reputation.” According to the attorney, the comments online about Cinnpie have “damaged her reputation and adversely affected her life.” The document then stated that the comments must cease and desist immediately. 

Cinnpie accusations

“Please note that this law firm does not attempt to restrict legitimate free speech, and we believe the internet is an important medium for dissemination of accurate and truthful information and for fair comment on issues of interest,” attorney Diallo K. Morris stated. “However, the defamatory comments unlawfully encroach upon our client’s rights.” 

The document then stated that Cinnpie will have to pursue legal action to “protect her interests” if comments continue.

Some in the Smash community have taken the opportunity to further mock Cinnpie, this time for threatening to sue people for “defaming” her. A number of Twitter users responded to the threat by sharing clips of her seemingly touching Puppeh inappropriately at live events.