Cassiopeia has the highest win rate in top lane on LoL patch 11.15

By Christian Vejvad


Jul 25, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

A new patch has hit the live League of Legends servers and so far several unexpected niche picks are topping the win-rate chart, with Cassiopeia being one of them. 

One of the most surprising champions to perform is Cassiopeia in the top lane. The Serpent’s Embrace got a solid damage buff on patch 11.15 and is now being played in three different roles. On patch 11.14, Cassiopeia was only seen in the mid lane in Platinum ranks and higher but that’s clearly not the case anymore. So far, Cassiopeia has been played in mid, bot, and top, with top lane as the most successful at a 52.21% win rate across more than 5,000 games. 

This win rate is enough to be considered the highest among all top laners, ahead of more common champions such as Tahm Kench, Camille, and Riven. The sudden spike in win rate is due to the recent update to Cassiopeia’s Twin Fang (E), which got a buff on its empowered base damage in all levels. As the primary damage ability, it’s no surprise that Cassiopeia is now doing better in solo queue. But the current win rates might turn out to be a bit too much. 

In the past, specific champions performing in all lanes with high win rates usually meant something was too overtuned. For Cassiopeia, she still has a low pick rate and remains as sort of a niche pick. In the right matchups, she will clearly perform and that’s not only the case in the mid lane anymore. In bot, she can bully marksmen in lane with her long range and get control by pushing the waves fast. 

Is Cassiopeia good in the top lane?

For top lane, Cassiopeia seems to be doing well against the beefy bruisers as she can kite around for days while dealing a lot of damage. She is still struggling against champions with range or the likes of Wukong, who can jump onto her and get off a quick combo. This is likely why Cassiopeia still isn’t picked all the time and is still only in matchups where she can excel. 

Since Cassiopeia can retain a high win rate so far, it seems that players are aware when she is a strong pick. For now, her win rates seem to remain above 50% in all three roles which could possibly mean more changes in the near future. 

It will also be interesting to see if Cassiopeia will return to the competitive meta when the biggest leagues around the world start to play on patch 11.15 starting next week.


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