Can you check your in-game purchase history in Genshin Impact?

By Kenneth Williams


May 11, 2022

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Its important to keep track of your spending in gachas like Genshin Impact, and learning how to view purchase history is a great way to start.

Genshin Impact is completely free to play, but Hoyoverse does its best to encourage some spending. From limited five-star characters to flashy five-star weapons, there are plenty of spending opportunities. If you do spend money on Genshin Impact, it’s a good idea to check your purchase history every once in a while. Here’s how to see your previous purchases and why it can be a good idea to check every now and again.

How to see Genshin Impact purchase history

Hoyoverse does not have an in-game method of viewing Genshin Impact’s purchase history, so players need to look at credit card statements or Paypal’s transaction history.

The only way to tell if someone has purchased anything in Genshin Impact is to check the Crystal Top-Up section of the shop. Every player gets a double bonus the first time they purchase a specific bundle. If the listed bonus is the same as the normal amount, that bundle has not been purchased within the year. 

Hoyoverse reset the first-purchase bundles as part of the game’s anniversary. If the double bonus is still shown, it’s possible that that account purchased a bundle in previous years.

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The only other way to check your Genshin Impact purchase history is to review your own payment method and look for Genshin purchases. Credit or debit card users should check their bank accounts while Paypal users can log in to see previous purchases.

Hoyoverse has yet to implement a purchase history system in Genshin Impact. Players can view the last six months of their pulls in the Wish menu, but details on purchases are completely inaccessible. Players must check their spending history by monitoring their own bank accounts.

How purchase history can help manage Genshin Impact spending

All of Genshin Impact’s content can be experienced without spending a dime, but the developer gives players lots of reasons to spend.

Fear of missing out, or FOMO, is a common motivator for excessive Genshin Impact spending. Five-star characters can take months to come back on a limited banner, and Hoyoverse is known to lock important character traits behind constellations. If you check your Genshin Impact purchase history and notice a ton of spending whenever new five-stars come out, it might be to time to start paying more attention to your habits.

To deal with FOMO, remember that every character will get a rerun. It’s also completely okay to skip a five-star now and then. Try building up an old character instead of focusing on the new thing.

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As for weapon banners, always remember that there are a ton of very useful craftable weapons in Genshin Impact. Getting a weapon billet from a trounce boss can replace the feeling of pulling a fancy five-star weapon. There’s also plenty of good gear to find in the open world. Cutting back on weapon banner pulls will make finding a White Tassel all the more satisfying.


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