Can you change your uniform in Pokemon Sword and Shield?

By Olivia Richman


Jan 25, 2021

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Pokemon fans have a love-hate relationship with Pokemon Sword and Shield. Despite being one of the best-selling games in the world, a plethora of strange limitations have had the Pokemon community complaining. One of those controversies surrounds the trainer’s uniform. 

Pokemon trainers are given a new uniform each time they beat a gym leader but many players have struggled with figuring out if they can use those uniforms in the story mode instead of the overworld. Unfortunately, the player doesn’t get to customize their appearance in cutscenes.

Pokemon Sword uniform

Can you change your uniform for gym battles in Pokemon Sword and Shield? 

Game Freak has a lot of explaining to do. While trainers can wear the snazzy new uniforms outside of the stadium, players can only wear their white default uniform during battles. Once a player speaks to an event organizer at a gym, their avatar will automatically change into the white uniform. 

This is quite a strange limitation, seeing as gym battles are often the most intense part of the game and many gym leaders have whacky outfits. Trainers have to settle for changing the name and number on the back of the plain white uniform during battles. 

While registering for the Gym Challenge in Motostoke, trainers will be given their very own plain white uniform. From there, players can pick the jersey number they want to be displayed on the back of it. Trainers must take some time to really think about this since they will never be able to change it again.  

Pokemon fans have continuously complained about this strange limitation. Most players dislike the basic white uniform and are frustrated that they can’t pick other uniforms for gym battles. The plain design has many fans feeling like they are a background character. It’s even more frustrating because trainers pay for cooler uniforms, only to not be able to use them in battle. This has led many to call out Game Freak for having unnecessary customization restrictions. 

The rationale for the move is that the player’s character wears the same outfit as all the young trainers looking to complete the Gym Challenge. While fans love Marnie’s pink-and-black aesthetic and see Hop wearing his gaudy denim bomber jacket, all of them ultimately enter gyms and tournaments wearing the same white uniform the player does.

Where can you wear alternate gym uniforms in Pokemon Sword and Shield? 

Eevee uniform Pokemon Sword

Even though players can’t sport a flashy uniform during gym battles, it’s possible to change into these snazzy rewards elsewhere throughout the game. Simply head to a clothing shop and make your way to the changing rooms. The gym uniforms players have won throughout their journey will come as separate items of clothing, meaning players must equip all of them to wear the full set. 


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