Can you add mods to Persona 5 Royal?

By Melany Moncada


Mar 10, 2023

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One advantage that PC gamers have over console players is the option to download mods. There are mods for every game, and Persona 5 Royal is not an exception.

In gaming, a mod or modification is a change to the code of the game. The goal of the change is to add, enhanced, or erase parts of the game according to the player’s wishes.

Mods are developed by players and are available online for free. Mods are only available for PC since this is the only platform that allows players to access the game’s files directly. In a regular console, it is possible to apply mods, but the process is complex, and as a result, mod developers refrain from working on those projects.

Are Persona 5 Royal mods safe?

The Persona series is considered one of the best series of games in history. Originally developed for PlayStation, the Persona games are becoming available for other platforms. Personal 5 Royal was the first to make it to a broader audience and encouraged players to start developing mods.

There are just a handful of Personal 5 Royal mods available at the moment. The available mods focus on enhancing colors, adding texture to graphics, and adding a different soundtrack.

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In comparison with the list of mods available for other games, this is a short list that speaks volumes of the quality of the original game.

Whether mods are safe or not all depends on the source. There are communities dedicated to sharing mods developed for specific games. These mods are usually peer-reviewed and must follow certain community rules before being shared.

In general, developers do not address mods or create systems to punish players who use them. These are perceived as small additions that enhance the experience for players.

Mods can cause the game to crash, and in that case, the online solution is to uninstall and install again.  


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