Can I rename Scaramouche in Genshin Impact?

By Melany Moncada


Dec 6, 2022

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New leaks seem to confirm that players can rename Scaramouche in Genshin Impact.

The new update of Genshin Impact is adding two characters to the playable rotation. One of them is a familiar face that needs no introduction, Scaramouche. Players have encountered Scaramouche in the past when he was one of the Eleven Fatui Harbinger. Scaramouche, referred to as the Wanderer, became a playable character in update 3.3 and a key character in the new event.

Genshin Impact is re-introducing the character Wanderer, who is getting an Anemo Vision. The Wanderer is described as “a long-rage damage dealer who has the ability to fight and move through the air.” According to the descriptions and early leaks of the Wanderer’s skills, it can fly.

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Players can pick a new name for Scaramouche once they complete the Archon Quest Interlude: Inversion of Genesis. At this point, the player learns that Scaramouche no longer wants to be associated with that name and his past as a Fatui. Nahida asks him to rename himself, and players get to choose the name.

It can’t be just any name. Players cannot pick any of Scaramouche’s old names, so Kabukimono and Balladeer are out of the question. It needs to be a one-word name, no spaces allowed. It cannot be the name of another playable character or a Fatui Harbinger.

The Wanderer is the first DPS Anemo character to be added to the game since update 1.3. Players are already predicting that it will be one of the strongest in the game, so it is worth adding to your team.

Who created Scaramouche?

Ei created Scaramouche as part of her efforts to create the perfect puppet. Ei deemed Scaramouche too pure and decided to leave him in a slumbering state. Scaramouche woke up and took Ei’s action as an act of betrayal.

Scaramouche would be betrayed again two more times, which made him resentful. Eventually, he joined the Fatuia as the sixt Fatui Harbinger. After being defeated, Scaramouche returned to his slumbering state.


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